Windows Insider users using Windows 11 in the Dev Channel and Canary recently may have noticed an update to the Photos app in the Microsoft Store, where in app version 2023.11050.2013.0, a number of improvements have now been introduced.

Now one of the improvements presented is the presence of options Slideshows new to the Photos app, according to Microsoft this feature is one of the features many users have requested since last fall.

With this option, users will be able to see photo slideshows complete with transitions, animations and 25 music soundtracks that users can choose from.

Apart from that, the Photos app is also getting options scrollbars with a timeline similar to Google Photos, where we can jump directly to a certain timeline more easily and quickly.

For additional enhancements, Microsoft is also introducing features spot fix, where this feature is intended to remove blemishes or unwanted areas in user photos.

So that’s an interesting improvement, isn’t it? especially with the Spot Fix feature, you can now remove a simple object more quickly without having to use third party applications such as Photoshop or other similar applications.

Apart from that, there are also a number of other improvements which include:

  • Auto Enhance is now available for use without having to install the 93MB add-on.
  • When importing photos from external devices, you can now drag and drop to select the photos you want and use the quick toggle to confirm the files that have been selected.
  • Hidden iCloud Photos will no longer display in the gallery.
  • Fixed an issue where audio on video files is muted by default. The app now plays the audio by default and persists user settings across videos.
  • Copying and pasting a photo from the Photos app into Outlook and Teams now inserts the image inline by default instead of adding an attachment.
  • Multi-select photos: hold down the SHIFT key while selecting photos in the gallery now selects multiple consecutive photos in a row; holding down the CTRL key selects multiple non-consecutive photos.

So to get this improvement, you can update the Photos app in the Microsoft Store to version 2023.11050.2013.0 or later, and keep in mind that this version is currently only available on Insider Dev and Canary, and will be rolling out in the coming weeks for the new version. Windows 11 Stable.

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