Antam (Aneka Tambang) is one of the leading gold producers in Indonesia. This state-owned company was formed in 1968 through the merger of several state-owned mining companies up until then.

More than 60 years after its founding, Antam now produces a wide range of precious metals. to bauxite and nickel. However, the company is still famous for its gold production. Some of the products made by Antam include gold bars of various sizes. gold in the form of frames to gift sets

To sell this product, Antam not only has boutiques in 11 cities across Indonesia. but also opened an online store at Tokopedia and opened an online shopping service at Logammulia.com Not only that, Antam also cooperates with the institutions involved in providing the stored gold in the form of savings.

It can be said that Antam controls most of the market share of the precious metals industry in Indonesia. Therefore, it is not uncommon for you to buy any gold products. It can also come from Antam if you want to invest exclusively in gold using products from this company. Here’s how to invest in Antam gold for beginners:

1. Set gold investment goals

The first step is to determine your gold investment objectives. When talking about the rise of gold last year We already know that this precious metal is a more suitable investment tool for the medium or long term.

Therefore, the purpose of investing in gold is not for short-term investments or for investments that require good liquidity, such as emergency funds. This is because both gold and bullion take time to melt (sold back).

2. Set an investment budget

The second step is to first determine the amount of your investment budget. This amount of investment budget will help you choose the type of gold investment that is right for you. digital goldBuy gold bars or jewelry?

Each investment option has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, gold savings might start with IDR 10,000 or IDR 100,000, but are more prone to digital crime. 0.5 grams or about 500,000 rupees, but the challenge is You have to maintain the best products.

One reliable option is saving gold in the bank Trusted like Bank BRI or BCA

3. Buy from trusted places

After the investment budget has been set It’s time for you to define what you want. where to buy antam gold. It can now only be purchased at boutiques, pawn shops, or gold shops. but can also be purchased online, such as the Antam online store in the online marketplace.

The advantage of buying Antam gold offline is that you can verify the authenticity and certificate of the gold. The only downside is that you have to leave the house and it’s possible that the product will run out. The advantage of buying online is that you can order anywhere, anytime. The disadvantage is that there will be a shipping fee.

4. Keep it in a safe place.

The challenge of buying gold in tangible form is that you have to keep it in a safe place. Another challenge is that physical gold is more prone to damage due to room temperature or other chemical reactions.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people use safes (SDBs) to store this asset. Of course, making a safe also requires an additional fee.

Not only real gold But you also need to maintain the certificate or proof of purchase. The reason is that the loss of the certificate and proof of purchase will lower the price of your gold when it is sold.

if Saving gold at the pawnshopYou don’t have to worry about managing storage because Pegadaian will take care of it.

5. Track price developments

There are two types of gold prices: sell price and repurchase price. You get the selling price when you buy this precious metal from the store. Whereas the repurchase price is the price you will receive when you resell, the sale price is generally greater than the repurchase price.

Both the selling price and the repurchase price will fluctuate a lot depending on many things, such as the economic situation at home and abroad. The amount of gold production, etc. So you have to follow the movement of this gold price every day.

Fortunately, Antam is the benchmark for gold prices in Indonesia. You can access information about changes in the price of precious metals produced by this company at metalmulia.com Gold savings pawnshops or in buying and selling gold. This way, you can choose the right time to buy and sell your gold.

6. Understand the factors that cause the price of gold to go up and down.

to make your investment profitable Study the factors that can cause the price of this precious metal to go up and down. You can learn about these factors by reading asset price movements in real time and comparing them with various economic indicators. or by reading various studies

Gold is a safe investment tool. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the price of this instrument to rise in a recession. because during the recession Many people buy this precious metal just in case. On the other hand, if the economy gets better again. Conditions for buying gold will be reduced. This is because investors will choose other high-risk and high-yielding instruments such as stocks.

In addition to the above factors, Antam Gold Buy Price can also drop if you lose your proof of purchase. Gold’s physical condition is not good anymore. or in case the jewelry lacks a pair of accessories

7. Buying shares of Antam

Antam’s seventh way to invest in gold is to buy shares in mining companies, as 67% of the company’s revenue comes from the sale and purchase of gold. Therefore, it can be said that if the gold price increases, ANTM’s revenue and share price will also increase. and vice versa although there are other factors That can increase the earnings and share price of Antam.

You can choose this option, noting that investing directly in stocks and gold are still two different things. The risks of this investment method vary. Therefore, pay attention to the potential risks and benefits of investing in stocks before finally purchasing this tool.

This is Antam gold investment method for beginners to make profit. Keep in mind that although gold is a safe tool But investing in this precious metal carries its own risks as well. Learn about the risks and how to reduce them. profit on investment The maximum.


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