Gold is a precious metal that has been known for its attributes since ancient times. Therefore, it is not surprising that this precious metal has become a safe investment tool today.

One of the advantages of investing in this tool is that there are multiple methods. From buying jewelry and gold bars to the latest digital gold investments. This latest innovation allows investors to own this tool without actually keeping it.

What is digital gold? And what are the advantages and disadvantages compared to jewelry and bars? Check out the following comments:

Understanding Digital Gold

Digital gold is a gold asset that is traded and stored digitally. Therefore, investors do not need to buy and store commodities, such as investing in gold jewelry or gold bars.

Currently, there are several platforms that you can use to invest in gold in this form. digital pawnshop appThe Pluang app, along with several mobile banking applications, now also provides this investment tool as an additional investment tool. If interested, you can invest and trade in XAU/USD in the app. Forex trading applications interesting isn’t it?

Difference Between Digital Gold and Real Gold

1. How to buy and sell

as written above The process of buying and selling this precious metal digitally is completely possible through various platforms. On the other hand, real gold can only be bought and sold in shops, boutiques, Antam, Pegadaian or Banks.

Thanks to this buying and selling method, digital gold can be traded anywhere, anytime as long as there is internet. While gold in jewelry or bars can only be traded during business hours and days.

2. Can pay in installments

Digital gold can be obtained by saving method. In this way, investors can buy this precious metal for only Rs 10,000 Indonesian. Later this value is converted to the weight of gold based on the available price.

For example, you collect gold worth Rp. 90,000 when the price of 1 gram equals Rp. 900,000. So the amount you will receive is 0.1 gram, then in the next month. You will buy this precious metal for Rp. 100,000 when its price is Rp. 850,000/gram, then you will get 0.11g of gold.

However, this allows investors to sell their assets only if the cumulative value of these assets is 1 gram, unlike buying gold bullion or jewelry that must be paid in cash.

3. Additional service fee

The additional cost incurred by the purchaser of digital gold is different from the additional cost that the owner of the gold bar and jewelry incurs. for security Generally, the owner of this precious metal keeps their assets in the bank. safe with monthly rent In addition to the SDB rent, real gold investments may incur shipping costs if you buy them online.

On the other hand, investing in these precious metals digitally does not have SDB rent, but in some cases there is a fee for deposit. account opening and closing Of course, this fee varies from platform to platform that offers this tool.

for freight You will need to trade the digital gold you buy on a national platform, such as antimony, into real gold. This is because the property must be delivered to your home for sure.

Advantages of digital gold

There are several advantages of buying gold digitally as compared to real gold. Some of these advantages are:

  1. Trade anywhere, anytime. As mentioned above Digital purchases of this tool can be done anywhere, anytime using the application and the Internet.
  2. real time price. Digital buying and selling allows you to monitor the price of this precious metal in real time. Usually the price of this asset changes every 11 PM.
  3. no need to store.
  4. no letter required. Letters are a must-have ingredient to buy and sell real gold. If this document is not available You might be deceived Or the price of the jewelry you sell is cheaper than it should be.
  5. Can be purchased by installments. Digital gold can be purchased for only Rs 10,000. It only takes 1 gram of gold to be sold.
  6. can be exchanged for gold bars After collecting 1 gram, you can sell the digital gold you have or exchange it for digital gold.

Disadvantages of Digital Gold

Although there are many advantages above. But that doesn’t mean that buying this tool digitally has no disadvantage compared to jewelry or gold bars. Some of these disadvantages are:

  1. dollar cost average. Although investing in digital gold seems easy and cheap, But investors need to pay attention to the price. The reason is that you can buy it for the same price. but got gold that weighs less
    For example, you buy gold for IDR 100,000, when it costs 1,000,000/gram, you get 0.1 gram, in the next month you buy it at the same price. But at that moment the price of this metal rose to 1,100,000/gram Then the amount you will get will no longer be 0.1g, but 0.09g.
  1. digital threatsOne of the risks of digital investments is the existence of cyber threats. Either in the form of hacking or intrusion. including gold investment to prevent this Make sure you choose the platform with the best quality security. Avoid using public wifi when doing financial transactions. and protect your digital data Like tangible gold The digital gold investment has a difference between the sell price and the buy back price. (buyback or when the gold producer buys back the product from you) for a profitable investment. You have to pay attention to the difference between the selling price and the buyback.

Better to save gold digitally or physically?

In determining whether digital gold or real gold is better It all depends on your personal preferences. If you have limited funds and want to invest comfortably and safely Digital gold savings might be the best option.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of capital and are not afraid of security. Investing in tangible gold Whether it’s jewelry or gold bars It’s a good choice. Any investment tool has its pros and cons. Therefore, a good investor is an investor who can customize investment tools based on their risk appetite and preferences.


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