investment is Activities of sacrificing resources (resources) that exist today for future benefits. Investments are not currently solely in the form of skills or assets. but also invest in financial assets using digital investments. What is digital investment and how does it work? Check out the following comments:

What is digital investment?

digital investment (digital investment) is an investment activity using the Internet or digital media as a platform or tool.

So another name for this term is online investing.

in Indonesia Digital investment began to develop after the development of financial technology or Fintech (Fintech) in 2015-2016. Since then. various financial applications From P2P Lending to stock trading applications.

This development is a breath of fresh air for Indonesia’s investment industry. The reason is that Indonesia is one of the countries with the most smartphone users in the world. It has 170.4 million users, or 61.7% of the country’s total population.kata data).

By integrating digital technology in the investment industry in Indonesia So investing is much easier. Investors do not need to fill out a lot of paperwork, have their own TIN. and go to the branch office of the relevant securities company to create a Client Fund Account (RDN). Now investors can do all of these using only their mobile phones in their homes.

As a result, the number of young investors in Indonesia has increased rapidly. In the first half of 2022, the number of investors in Indonesia reached 4,002,289, and 81.64% were individuals under the age of 40. students who start investing using the parent’s NPWP

Examples of digital investment assets

1. Gold

Currently, many parties are developing digital gold investments. From the bank to online gold app. This digital gold investment can be done by saving money to be worth the gold price. When the savings amount is equal to 1 gram of gold, investors can exchange them for gold bars or jewelry.


A share is a certificate proving the investor’s ownership of a portion of the company’s capital. You do not need to come with large amounts of money and order information to the brokerage company.

Shares can now be traded as soon as they are issued via the e-ipo page or traded with fellow investors using the stock trading app. So the trading process is easier. More efficient and effective, you can buy stocks online using the stock market application

3. Bonds

A bond is a certificate of ownership of the debtor by the investor in the company. some institutions or governments, as well as stocks Bonds previously traded by handing over to the nearest securities company or bank office. But now with the development of financial technology and mobile banking. You can buy or sell this asset through your mobile without going anywhere.

4. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are financial assets designed specifically as joint investment contracts (KIKs) managed by investment managers. By purchasing just one mutual fund, you can invest in multiple stocks or bonds at once. Slightly different from stocks and bonds Currently, mutual funds cannot be purchased through stock trading apps only. But it also has its own supermarket app for mutual funds.

Available now mutual fund trading app for online shopping

Advantages of digital investments

1. Flexible

One disadvantage of traditional investing methods is that only certain people who live in urban areas and have enough financial knowledge can invest. This is because you have to go to the nearest securities company office and invest your investments when they are still expensive.

although at present Investors will remain concentrated in Java. but at least for now Financial asset investments are accessible to people living in rural areas. As long as you have a smartphone and internet network of course.

2. Practice

as mentioned above Now to start investing You don’t need to fill out a lot of paperwork and sign. But just create a profile in the investment application. Fill out the online form there and wait about 1 hour your client’s fund account is ready.

With the help of mobile banking applications and digital wallets. Now you don’t need to go to the bank to invest your money. Just enter your virtual asset purchase account into the mobile banking application. problem solved even today Investment applications are also developing routine investment features based on automatic clearing.

with this feature All you have to do is connect your mobile banking application or digital wallet to the investment application. Therefore, your monthly investment spending will be immediately subtracted from your balance.

3. Save

with the help of technology Investing in stocks, mutual funds and bonds can now start with only IDR 100,000. This amount is definitely less than the minimum stock investment of decades ago, which could reach millions or tens of millions of rupiahs. This IDX discourse is to reduce the minimum purchase of shares from 1 initial lot equal to 100 shares to 1 lot per 1 share.

4. Easy to check

Another advantage of digital investing is that the price movements of your investment assets can be easily monitored using the app. in fact In many stock trading applications This trading application not only installs the price action data in the form of charts. but also equipped with important information to use in choosing the best stocks

Disadvantages of digital investing

1. Security

Digital security or cybersecurity is an aspect that must be considered in all digital transactions. including digital investment This security is not in the form of using OTP or PIN for application security only. It’s also about how you should keep your personal data cyber-secure.

2. Prone to fraud

The growing popularity of digital investments is even more widespread. This fraudulent act on behalf of digital investments.. Different modes are different. From making calls claiming to be a bank or a digital investment application. to creating fake websites and social media accounts with real investment company names.

To avoid this type of fraud Please make sure that before you start investing. You have verified the legality of the relevant company at OJK and are not enticed only by the company name or logo. This is because authors often encounter scammers using their original company name and logo and display the OJK logo on their website. Make sure to double check before using official company services.


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