After a long time, Microsoft Teams introduced the Polling feature to their services and applications, now Microsoft is starting to redevelop this feature by bringing the Polling feature to Channel Meetings in Microsoft Teams.

"For online classes using channel meetings, teachers can use polls to engage with students, check their understanding, or launch a live quiz. Imagine creating a poll to ask your students what they had for breakfast or which animal they would like to be. This could create a fun and relaxed atmosphere and help build 
rapport between you and your students." ungkap Microsoft. 

According to Microsoft, this feature is perfect for use as live quiz in online learning in schools, and make interactions between teachers and students more enjoyable.

In addition, on the same posting page, the Polls feature in the Meeting Channel can also be used by businesses to get feedback from their customers about the products or services provided, or just to start a meeting with just a few personal questions.

In my opinion, the poll feature on the Meeting Channel will be very useful to use in certain cases such as schools or colleges with online learning, what do you think about this feature? are you still using Microsoft Teams? comment below guys.

via: Microsoft


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