for novice investors Gold is the right investment tool. Older generations used this investment method. They buy gold in the form of jewelry and keep it for years. Then sell it at a price that is trending upwards.

Gold maintains its value even in an unstable global economy. You can start saving gold at home. Of course, to enjoy future results. This is a safe and easy way to save gold at home. Read more below.

1.Set goals for saving gold

The first way to save gold at home is to set a savings goal. Of course, when you decide to set aside money to buy the gold you invest in. You put your intentions in mind. In fact, that might be your goal.

For example, you intend to collect this gold for your child’s school fund. Set as many long-term financial goals as possible. This is because precious metal assets can become profitable if they are kept for more than five years.

Means if you want to prepare Child Education Fund For elementary school students, they could prepare from the moment they were born. So you can truly feel the benefits. You can also invest precious metals for other long-term goals such as retirement funds. Child Marriage Fund or religious expenses such as Hajj and Umrah

2. Ensure secure storage

If you really intend to keep your gold at home. After setting your goal You can start looking for a safe place at home to store your gold. This is because tangible gold stored carelessly can easily be stolen by people. Make no mistake, nowadays the people closest to you have more potential for crime.

You prepare a special safe to store as much as possible. Safe deposit box that used to guarantee security Where possible, multiple layers of protection should be provided. Safes should not be placed arbitrarily. Make sure it’s in the safest place in the house.

If you feel like you’re not safe at home, you can. saving gold in the bank. Some banks accept precious metal savings in this way. safe deposit box bank. You can take advantage of this feature by paying an extra security fee. Don’t worry because it’s the bank who’s all in charge.

3. Don’t keep it in a place that is easy to find.

If you think a cupboard is the ideal place to store gold, you’re wrong. Because the idea is the same as many people. Including criminals who want to take valuables.

It will be easier for the person closest to you to pick it up if you keep it in the cupboard. Because they tend to roam around in rooms or in secret places of your home. For example, your Household Assistant (ART) can access different places. from home to private room Be careful in this matter because there are many cases of domestic worker stealing from employers nowadays. Don’t trust anyone outside the nuclear family as much as possible.

4. Consistently saving gold

One of the things that makes your precious metals go so fast is consistency. As the saying goes Little by little it became a hill. When earning income, do not abandon, but leave indifferent.

The idea of ​​setting aside money is saving money from the beginning. Instead of waiting for the money to save, for example, you decide to set aside Rp. 200,000 each month to buy precious metals. Then you have to be consistent, even if that month has a lot of expenses.

You must be able to know what is important. Anything is just entertainment If all the requirements included in the priority are met, You can discard some things. Then you will be able to fulfill what you want.

5. Find the best gold investment applications.

Another tip for saving gold at home. In addition to collecting precious metals in physical form You can also save using gold investment applications. Coupled with the development of sophisticated technology, today’s applications are not just social media. Many useful applications for everyday life.

There are many options for the best gold investment applications. Of course, each application has advantages and disadvantages. In addition, everyone has their own needs and tastes. So you have to choose the best application for yourself. space On mobile, choose the one with the smallest storage.

6. Saving regularly in gold investment application

After finding one application that is your mainstay. The next step is to save consistently in the precious metals investment application of your choice. Typically, gold saving applications offer small savings from the smallest i.e. IDR 10,000.

You can save anytime, anywhere, for example, having bonus money or fortune unexpectedly, you can go in and apply. not only that You can also take advantage of some moments of the gold investment application company.

Usually the best gold investing apps have features. that is useful to users like cash back giveaway and others stay tuned to their social media to benefit from using the application. Especially for those who are loyal to certain uses.

7. Stay up to date on precious metal news.

Finally, the best thing to do when you want to save gold at home is to stay up to date with the latest news about the object being invested. In today’s modern technology ​​Access information anywhere, anytime, so there is no obstacle in following the news.

In addition, the price of gold can go up and down every day, so we have to follow the news every day. By always following the gold news You will be able to know when to buy and when to sell. selling price of gold ornaments Today and the likelihood that the price will rise or the price has just dropped. Because fundamentally the price of gold is very sensitive. So it can go up and down at any time.

So here are some easy and safe ways to save gold at home. You can start making a new habit of recording the earnings you earn. So when you need it later You don’t need to look for funds here and there. Saving habits are often followed by good financial management habits. So you can live a better life. In addition, continue to develop your abilities as much as you can. so that the income you receive will be more You can attend training according to your interests and abilities or training camp Many of which are now available for free to deepen existing capabilities. More income should be set aside to prepare for your future. Approaching financial freedom at a young age


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