In PowerToys 0.64.0, Microsoft introduced a new tool called locksmith files in conjunction with host file editor, well after trying the latest PowerToys, and then trying locksmith files it turns out that the tool is quite useful for us to use.

Why?, because with locksmith files we can easily find process what is currently using the file, a case example of the benefits of this feature is when we want to delete a file but it turns out we can’t because the file is being used process certain.

In normal mode, of course we are quite confused, because we do not know what applications and processes are using the file, and generally we have to close all applications first or use the application. unlocker to resume work that was delayed as a result of the warning.

However, with locksmith files we can see what process is using the file easily, especially when PowerToys 0.64.0 is installed, locksmith files will be automatically integrated with context menu operating system.

Image : Windows Latest

But for Windows 11 users, context menu integration it does not support for display context menu new, so you have to open context old menu (which you can easily access via show more options).

When the file is opened via What’s using this file from the Context Menu, we will be directly faced with the page locksmith files where there is shown some information, including process id, user, directory file and even we can do end task to that process.

Great, right?, I think this feature is now more similar to unlocker because we can close process if you want to continue more actions on the file that we selected, so for example the file can’t be deleted > we just click it what’s using this file > if it has been identified what process is using the file, it’s up to us end task just, and done, we can continue to delete the file.

In my opinion, this feature is very useful for you to use, especially if you are often confused when you don’t know process what is using the file you are going to rename or delete.

What do you think? have you tried this feature? comment below guys.

image via : Windows Latest


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