In addition to being a digital wallet or e-wallet, the DANA application can also be used as a platform for digital gold investments. Investing in precious metals never loses interest. As its value tends to be stable and suitable for long-term savings, the DANA application is a reliable platform to do this. That is, through the eMAS service, so there is no need to go to the Antam store to buy precious metals.

interesting is Gold can be bought for a normal price less than Rp 10,000, so investing in precious metals in DANA can be done by anyone for a fraction of the price. don’t hesitate This is how to invest in gold in DANA, many benefits. and safety is guaranteed!

Advantages of investing in gold in DANA

DANA eMas is a feature in DANA digital wallet app to save precious metals digitally This feature makes it easier for anyone who wants to invest in precious metals safely. They are practical and cheap as they do not need to be purchased directly in form or ingots.

Is it profitable to invest in gold through DANA? The answer is yes. Here are some advantages of investing in gold through the DANA application.

1. Simple and practical

Now, to make it easier for the public And while giving them investment knowledge, the DANA application has features for saving precious metals. The first advantage of investing in gold through DANA is the simple and practical process. Since you only have your own ID card and photo, anyone can do so as long as the requirements are met.

The requirements that must be met in order to use these features are: upgrade Go to Premium DANA first after upgrade You can enjoy various features in the application. One of which is eMas for precious metals investments.

The existence of this precious metal investment property means that everyone does not need to go to an Antam boutique or a jewelry store to invest in gold. Can it really save time and effort?

2. Able to invest in digital gold

Through the DANA app, everyone doesn’t need to go to an Antam boutique or jewelry store to invest in precious metals because everything can be done digitally. So it can be said that you will not accept it in lumps (sticks) because digital gold Progress is saved to an e-wallet account that can be checked. Interestingly, there is a 3-24 month installment payment system to purchase.

Investing in gold through the DANA application is considered halal as the requirements are clear and can be disbursed or delivered. Considering that saving precious metals through the platform is trustworthy. So even if it’s done digitally But it is still halal because it operates according to Islamic law.

3. Easy to defrost and print.

Another advantage is that the precious metals recorded can actually be melted or printed. So it’s not a hypothetical thing. Therefore, it is confirmed as halal because the system is saved or entrusted to another person with a guarantee of safety.

DANA eMas offers precious metals pick-up or melting of any desired value, from 1, 5, 10, 50, up to 100 grams. The printing method is also easy as just fill out a form with your personal information and address and wait. to deliver to the destination address

It’s not just physical printing and digital purchases. You can still sell at any time. The proceeds from the sale of gold are paid in the form of balance to the DANA account.

gold investment tips for profit It is necessary to check the precious metal price fluctuation chart. Usually, new gains are seen after 3 to 5 years, or about 3 years when a recession hits. So it can be said that this is a long term because if it takes only a month or a year, there is not much effect.

4. Starting from no more than 10,000 only

Investing in digital gold through the DANA application is suitable for all namesakes. Interestingly, we can start saving precious metals from less than 10,000, or 0.01g equivalent.

You can start from the smallest value. This makes the DANA eMas feature attractive to many. people because they don’t have to invest expensive You don’t need to buy directly in physical form or in sizes 1 gram starting at 10,000 you can buy digitally.

It is not surprising that this feature is suitable for beginners who want to start investing. resistant to inflation and tends to have a fixed value from time to time. Suitable for long-term savings

5. Safety Guarantee

The advantage of investing in gold through other DANA applications is that there is no need to doubt its safety. This is because all guarantees and transactions are handled by the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA). In addition, the Indonesian Clearing House (KBI) guarantees the security of physical disbursement.

Terms and Conditions for Investing Gold in DANA

There are many benefits of saving precious metals through the DANA application, making many people especially beginners interested in doing so. Moreover Gold savings can be made with a minimum of less than Rp 10,000. Here are the terms and conditions if you want to invest in gold in DANA.

  • Indonesian citizens (WNI) at least 17 years of age as proven by ID card.
  • self photo
  • Activate the DANA Premium feature to unlock the DANA eMas feature.

according to the above terms and conditions Application users must: upgrade Go to DANA Premium to unlock the eMas features first, if not inupgradeThen the properties will not be displayed.

Investing in gold in DANA

Investing in gold through the DANA app is a long term savings method in the form of low-risk precious metals. Investing in precious metal products is for everyone. Even if they are newbies. As their values ​​tend to be stable and resistant to inflation, the DANA app offers many conveniences to users who want to save precious metals. Especially starting from nominal values ​​of less than 10,000 or the equivalent of 0.01 g.

Gold saving is a long-term investment that can be seen after only 3-10 years of deposit, so this investment product is useless if kept for only a few months or a few days. Through the DANA application, users can not only buy gold but can also be exchanged for cash or resell

Profitable investment tips Use cold money to buy products. Also, monitor the price of gold precious metals regularly to predict the right time to buy and sell.


The method of investing in digital gold in DANA is simple in terms of procedures and requirements. Here’s how to do it

  1. Open the DANA application, make sure you have upgrade Go to DANA Premium to unlock eMas features.
  2. Select the eMas menu in the application. Click Buy or Buy.
  3. The next page will show you several gold options that can be bought in Rupiahs or Grams. Choose according to your needs, eg according to the Rupiah amount.
  4. Click Buy or Buy. Make sure the amount is correct. then click confirm
  5. A successful purchase of gold is indicated by the appearance of the notification. to make sure the balance has been entered. You can check it on the homepage in the eMas menu.

very easy, right How to buy gold through DANA? Interested in trying it out?


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