Gold is a widely chosen investment tool because it is gold, easy to buy and easy to sell. There are many gold investment options to choose from. From savings at pawnshops and banks to buying gold bars and jewelry Each option has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

in the following article The author will talk about investing in gold jewelry for beginners only. Because investing in gold jewelry is one of the easiest ways to invest in this precious metal. Jewelry is a good investment tool. If you can buy and sell at the right time. Here’s how to invest in gold jewelry for beginners.

1. Set gold investment goals

The first step in investing in gold Whether it’s jewelry, gold bullion, savings or trading, it’s your investment goal. This investment objective is important. Because this precious metal has unique characteristics that are different from other investment instruments.

in article profit from gold investment For example, it is known that the development of this tool in the medium and long term tends to be more unpredictable than stocks. Although both are suitable investment tools in the long run. There are also several gold investment options that you can choose for yourself with their respective pros and cons.

2. Choose the best jewelry

Gold jewelry in general is not only made of this precious metal. It is also a mixture of other chemicals, so that it can become a beautiful solid object. The amount of gold in this jewelry varies from 24 karats, 14 karats, 10 karats, etc. The amount of gold in this jewelry will inevitably affect the price.

Choose the best jewelry according to your desired shape. The amount of carats you need and the budget you have Because the joy of investing in gold jewelry is that its physical beauty can spoil the eyes and become a symbol of social status in society.

3. Buy from a reputable source

Gold jewelry can be purchased from various sources. Trusted sources such as banks, pawnshops, gold shops, Antam boutiques or online marketplaces. By purchasing from these trusted sources. You can guarantee the quality and weight of this precious metal with greater accuracy and responsibility. You will also receive a gold purchase letter.

For example, if you are interested in buying Antam Gold, be sure to buy it at Antam’s Trusted Gold Seller which has a good reputation

This is important because not all gold jewelry sold in the market is genuine. There are jewelry made out of real brass, but admittedly made of gold, better know that. How to distinguish between real and fake so as not to be deceived

Yes, buying gold from reputable sources today is not only possible with cash. But you can also buy in installments using the gold saving mechanism. After this savings is 1 gram, it can be exchanged for jewelry that you want.

4. Know the selling price and the buyback price

The advantage of investing in gold jewelry lies in the difference between the selling price plus the costs. that comes with jewelry and repurchase prices The selling price is the amount you need to buy this precious metal. On the other hand, the buyback price is the amount you would earn if you resell it to a store or boutique.

Usually the selling price is higher than the buyback price. because after depositing back into the place of sale Precious metals are reprocessed so that they can be processed into various jewelry, thus producing costs from gold mining companies.

Fortunately, the price dynamics of this precious metal can now be accessed in real time using the website and the app. So you can check when is the right time to buy gold jewelry and resell it. You can view these price changes on the Pegadaian official website.

5. Remember to take good care of yourself.

One of the challenges of investing in gold jewelry is taking good care of it. This is because:

  1. Gold jewelry is made from a mix of different chemicals. Therefore it is easy to rust, scratch or dull. If not taken care of properly A drop in the physical quality of gold jewelry may be one factor in the fall in gold repurchase prices.
  2. Gold jewelry is often stolen and easily stolen. Compared to other gold investment options So it’s not unusual for some people to keep their jewelry in a safe.
  3. No proof of purchase of gold can also reduce the price Even if you only lose one pair of earrings The store will not accept that accessory. And you have to sell it to street gold sellers. Usually, the repurchase price you will get is lower than if it was sold in the store. Of course, it would be a disadvantage if you bought the jewelry at a higher price. But when you want to sell your partner or the letter you lose, right?

Another risk of investing in gold jewelry is that you cannot withdraw money on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. The reason for this is that gold shops, pawnshops or banks had to close in those days. Even if you use the application However, it is not uncommon for in-app sales order execution to work only on weekdays.

So gold jewelry in general is not a liquid instrument enough to serve as an emergency fund. However, this tool is still good enough for you to use as a diversification element.

6. Be more cost-conscious

Cost is one of the factors that can directly affect the return of gold investment. Each gold investment option has its own cost component that must be considered in order not to lose. These expenses, such as:

  1. Shipping cost If you buy gold online
  2. Safety deposit box rental if you wear it
  3. The cost of creating an account and depositing gold If you buy this tool with a savings mechanism.
  4. Spread and CommissionIf you buy gold by trading

Gold jewelry is one of the most widely known investment tools from the past to the present. The reason is that in addition to adding beauty self confidence and social status with beauty Gold jewelry can also be resold at a relatively high price. Its reputation as a safe investment tool also contributes to its price stability.

That’s how to invest in gold jewelry for beginners to make a profit. Choose your favorite jewelry take good care of it and sell it at the right time to make your investment profitable. Good luck.


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