Who is not familiar with features sleeping tabs, one of the excellent features presented by Microsoft on their browser Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Feature sleeping tabs This itself will have been present since Microsoft Edge 105 and will work by temporarily stopping processes from tabs that users are not currently accessing to reduce memory load, so with that users can open more tabs without having to worry about running out of RAM.

Regarding this feature, based on official page Microsoft, in September 2022 yesterday, Microsoft at least helped reduce RAM load through this feature, and there were at least 1.38 billion tabs that were successfully set to reduce RAM load.

Of the total tabs, the average sleeping tab feature reduces memory usage by up to 83% without reducing or slowing down the performance of Microsoft Edge Chromium, and of course this is an amazing thing.

And what’s even more interesting? It turns out that Microsoft has been looking at the behavior of Microsoft Edge users through sleeping tabs to track and detect how the browser is performing so that the statistics above are created, and of course this really isn’t a problem because after all the data taken may be needed to browser development to be even better.

What do you think? Do you like Microsoft Edge Chromium and how did the features help you sleeping tabs this? comment below guys.

via: Microsoft

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