Labor is anyone who is capable of completing tasks or producing goods and services for personal and public use as much as possible. With the existence of a wide variety of industries Of course, the types of labor are also different.

In fact The diversity of Indonesia’s culture also affects the diversity of the types of workers in Indonesia. Starting from people working, according to their functions, according to their abilities, according to their characteristics and according to their relationship with the product.

So, in this article, let’s talk about the types of labor that exist. Here are some types of labor and examples in Indonesia. Watch this article to the end for more information!

One of the groupings of workers according to their main functions in a company, labor, often referred to as labor There are 3 different combinations, all of which are essential for the survival of the company and for sure to continue to grow. Whatever? check the following

1. production staff

The first type of employee according to the main function in the company is the production department. In this section, workers are responsible for producing goods or producing services for sale. Starting from the process of purchasing materials until it becomes something that can be sold.

example from production staff Day laborers, day laborers, tailors, cake makers, shoemakers and many others, they are credited with producing the highest quality products for their consumers.

2. marketing staff

Next are employees in the marketing department. After producing a product or service, it is necessary to market it so that many people know the product or service, are interested in it, and buy it.

In addition to the development of time and civilization There is also a lot of work included in this section. Moreover, almost all companies are selling online. on line A lot of new work arose, for example. marketing staff including sales product owner, graphic designer social media expert and content writer.

3. Administrative staff and general work

Finally, the main function within the company is Administrators and general workersThis section is also important in the company to take care of all matters related to contact, management and other important matters related to production and marketing.

Some examples of employees participating Administrators and general workers and others include accounting, receptionist and human resource development (Sor.Por.Ror.). Often found in management structures.

It turns out that the type of worker is not only But only according to the main function. But also by ability. There are 3 categories grouped by ability.

1. Educated

The first type of labor by ability is educated. This means that those in this group have completed tertiary education with the highest criteria of Strata 1 (S1) so that no one can get an educated position.

Examples of educated workers include doctors, teachers, engineers, economists, and many others. This worker needs proof of education to become one of the workers. It is usually asked to submit evidence in the form of a diploma.

2. Trained

If you are someone who works in any field but doesn’t have a very high level of education. You can say that you are a trained laborer. also gain trust skill and abilities, you can take courses in the field

Many jobs that require trained workers include tailors, cooks. Beauty salon and spa workers, among many others.

3. Untrained

Unskilled workers are people without special skills and without higher education. Normally, this type of work can be done by anyone, such as store clerks, counter attendants, builders, etc.

not only by ability Workers are also grouped according to their attributes. In Indonesia, there are two types of workers according to their work style. Read more below.

1. With a body

Physical labor is all workers who use their limbs to complete a task. This type often relies on energy in the body rather than intellect or mind. For example, builders, porters, porters, etc.

2. Spiritual

In contrast to physical labor Spiritual labor relies more on the intelligence of the brain and the mind in accomplishing the responsible task.

This work often drains the mind, so smart and educated people do it. For example, a lawyer content writer, marketingManager and many more

Finally, there are two types of labor groups, namely direct labor and indirect labor. For more details, see below!

1. direct labor

Direct labor is a type of worker who is often overworked or directly involved in the production of goods and services. This section plays an important role in the company. Therefore, they are often grouped by product, work order, or cost.

An example of direct labor in a shoe company is a shoemaker. Of course, there are many workers who have roles since pattern making. Making shoe soles, sewing, attaching parts Inspect product packaging

In contrast to the bakery Direct workers are formula makers. Mixing department bread machine supervisor topping and packaging provider The point is that all personnel are directly involved until the product is ready to serve to the consumer.

2. indirect labor

Indirect workers are people who work in the company but are not involved in the production process. Indeed, the role remains the same, developing and promoting the company, but this type is responsible for how the company sells its products to consumers and maintains its integrity.

There are many examples of indirect labor. Especially considering that the manufacturing process doesn’t just take place in-house. Marketing and administrative employees fall into this category. So let’s start with the sale. accounting,Hr.,Treasurer, designer Until the company manager is an indirect worker

Here are some types of workers and examples in Indonesia. Of course, companies need to know exactly what kind of employees they need in order to be able to complete their work efficiently and without wasting company funds.

As for those who are looking for work, they must be able to identify themselves. So that when applying, you can choose and distinguish which job is right for you. by knowing your skills You’ll make it easier to show recruiters when applying for a job why you deserve to be appointed as an employee of their company.


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