Some people have some reason for transferring money but don’t want to be identified as the sender. Maybe it’s because you want to make a surprise. Or maybe you don’t have an account. for whatever reason How to send money so the sender’s name doesn’t seem so easy.

Until now, people rarely knew or even knew about it. Although there are many ways that can be done without an account. Suitable for people who want to send money easily.

Want to send money to relatives, friends or loved ones, but secretly? Let’s take a look at how to transfer money anonymously in account mutations below!

1. Bank transfer

How to make the name of the sender not appear in the recipient’s account transfer Most often this is done through bank employees. When you want to pass the cashier You don’t need to create a new account. And just bring the amount you want to send. This trick is very simple. Don’t need even the hardest requirements.

Come to the nearest bank office during business hours. and bring the amount you want to transfer Be sure to provide the recipient’s account number as well. and then fill out the form provided there. Next, prepare the amount to be sent to the recipient’s account, as well as provide the handling fee payable to the cashier.

The provisions for administrative expenses are different for each bank. You should ask first And at least prepare Rp. 20,000. You can send any amount through bank staff. just fill out the form The process was fast. After the money has been sent to the recipient A guarantee that your name as the sender will not appear in the recipient’s account transfer.

When changing the payee’s account, only the ‘Rpxxxx Bank Transfer Amount’ is available, so you can’t see who sent it at all. It’s pretty simple, but it can only be done during bank business hours.

2. Borrowing a friend’s or someone else’s account

Borrowing a friend’s or someone else’s account can be tried to prevent others from seeing the sender’s name. This method may be infrequent because it is in the mutation of the account that it is still visible who sent it, even if it was someone else. However, this is a simpler alternative to coming to the bank office during business hours.

when borrowing someone else’s account The sender name that appears will be the person’s name, not yours. Try this as an alternative. As long as you choose a trusted person who can or could be a close friend so that the account number is not published. The transfer fee varies depending on the type of bank account at the destination.

If you borrowed the account of a close friend or family member The recipient won’t be suspicious because he thinks it’s not you sending the balance. He may still suspect that you are the giver.

Note that this is easier than queuing at a bank office. However, you should not misuse someone else’s information, such as using a fake bank account that is widely traded on the Internet to commit fraud.

3. Transfer via agent service

There are also other money transfer methods that are much easier. And time tends to be flexible. not only that even without a bank account You can still do it online. real timeis transferred through the service of an agent near your home not only that This method can be used if you are in a location with difficult access to bank offices. because it is located in the suburbs

Agent services that can be used to transfer money to another person include BRILink and BNI, often found in suburbs or far from bank offices. they were called Representative Lugu Panda or abbreviated as Officeless Financial Services for Financial Inclusion

The presence of an agent is very helpful for local communities when they need to transact or use other financial services, especially since their business hours are often flexible. when transferring money through an agent The sender’s name will not be visible in the recipient’s account transfer. The way to do it is just transfer money and give extra money to pay the administration fee.

The handling fee for agent transfers varies. Usually it depends on the name and bank account of the destination. In addition to money transfers Agents also provide cash withdrawals, top-ups, and more according to the financial needs of the community.

4. Transfer with third-party apps

Want to transfer to others confidential in the easiest way. Don’t have to come to the representative office or the bank? Transfers via third-party applications such as e-wallets are the answer! do Transfer money with e-wallet app Usually the handling fee charged is much lighter. Even if it’s free or not, you don’t even have to pay a penny!

service applications free money transfer service is flip app One of them. Through Flip, users can transfer a certain amount of balance for free. (with certain conditions) without knowing who sent it Subsequently, what appears on the beneficiary’s account change is only in the name of the e-wallet.

In addition to Flip, other applications that can be used to transfer anonymously, the sender is DANA and Oh! Indonesia. Although not all free But the management fees charged are much lighter than agents or borrowing other people’s accounts. Especially if the transfer is from another bank.

5. Transfer via minimart

Another option is to transfer without an account and want to send unnoticed. Try it through the nearest convenience store. Minimarkets that offer pick-up services are typically Indomaret and Alfamart. Almost every region has a single retail outlet. So there is no need for trouble finding.

as well as agents You can transfer funds to any bank account, but administration fees will still apply. However, this is the easiest and flexible method. Even longer than the opening hours of the bank office Especially if there is no representative of Laku Panda nearby. To transfer through the nearest minimart is the best option.

When transferring a certain amount from a mini-mart such as Alfamart or Indomaret, the sender’s name is the retailer. Therefore, it is very easy to transfer money without knowing the sender’s name. no?

Not just money transfers You can also withdraw cash. You can also top up your balance, credit, pay online, and more. It’s very useful for people who don’t have a bank account to use their financial services.

This is a method of transferring money without the sender name that you can try. The above methods are very effective. And of course it can be done safely.


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