For those of you who may have two devices with Smartphone and Tablet configurations, maybe you want to open your Whatsapp on your Tablet without having to re-download and delete Whatsapp data on your Smartphone, right?.

Now, unfortunately, until now there is no special feature of Whatsapp that can allow multiple logins from two devices like the one on Telegram, but just like on a PC or Laptop, we can still use Whatsapp Web to open Whatsapp on a tablet without having to delete the Whatsapp connection on the tablet. Smartphones.

Immediately, without lingering, here is WinPoin, which summarizes the short steps on how to open WhatsApp on a smartphone tablet simultaneously.

Step 1. First on the tablet that you are using, please open your favorite browser, here I am using Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2. Next, please open the page web.whatsapp.com, if the page fails to open and you are instead directed to the whatsapp.com page, you just activate it fashion desktop in The browser you are using.

Step 3. After done, and page view web.whatsapp.com already open and already showing barcode now you just need to connect it from your Smartphone, how to enter Settings > Linked Devices > Link a Device.

And please connect the two devices using the available barcode, and when it’s finished, Whatsapp on your tablet will automatically open as usual when you open it on your PC or laptop.

And it’s finished, please try it, I hope this article is useful, thank you.


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