Fear that your e-money balance is insufficient to pay tolls, parking fees, or other fees. So you have to check before you know it or not.

E-money is different from e-wallet. which can see the balance directly through the application because in electronic money How to check the balance through touch cards to NFC-capable mobile phones (near communication field). Not all smartphone have these features in particular smartphone Old output. So. Find out how to check your mobile e-money balance without NFC with the following alternative methods!

E-Money at a glance

E-money is a cashless payment tool in the form of electronic money that can be used for various transactions such as toll rates, parking fees, food and beverages, shopping, and so on. Electronic in the form of a debit card is practical and does not require the Internet when performing various types of transactions.

Although there are many conveniences that e-money has, the way to check the balance can be done through the NFC feature on the back of the mobile phone. Unfortunately, not all mobile phones have this feature. Therefore, they had to use a different method to find the balance on their electronic money card, especially. smartphone Not all older models have NFC on the back.

Another way to check mobile e-money balance without NFC is through internet banking. Then for an alternative You can go to the nearest ATM, use the EDC at the bank, or go to the cashier in the mini-mart to check your balance and top up.

How to Check E-Money Balance on HP Without NFC

How to check e-money balance on mobile without NFC Unfortunately, this can only be done on Mandiri e-money, but for other types of electronic money. You can do it without NFC, but don’t do it on your mobile. Check out the methods below!

1. Mandiri e-money

Mandiri e-money is the only electronic money that can check balance via mobile phone without NFC feature, making it more practical and can be done anytime as long as the internet connection is stable. Here’s how to do it

  • Open the Mandiri Internet Banking page at ib.mandiri.co.id. Then log in to your account.
  • Click the e-money menu, then select Mandiri e-Money.
  • Select the Balance information menu. after appearing Type the 16-digit number shown on the Mandiri e-Money card.
  • Click Submit. Card balance information appears.

2.BCA Flazz

Flazz is an electronic money issued by BCA bank. Flazz BCA currently does not have a mobile balance check feature without NFC, so it has to be processed by another method. Check out the steps below!

through an ATM

The easiest option to view your Flazz balance without NFC is to use an ATM. Here’s how to do it

  • Go to the nearest BCA ATM. Then insert the Flazz card into the slot the ATM has.
  • The ATM will display your Flazz card balance when you’re done. Click the Done option.
  • Remove the Flazz electronic money card from the ATM.

through the EDC machine from merchant/bank

Another way to find out your Flazz card balance is to visit the website. merchant or a bank that offers a special BCA EDC machine, just need to come. merchant Or the nearest BCA bank that offers e-money will issue a Flazz card. touch to show the balance in it

3.BNI Tapcash

Like Flazz BCA, BNI Tapcash e-money also doesn’t have a feature to check mobile balance without NFC. Tapcash BNI is able to see the remaining dime via EDC or ATM.

through an ATM

Viewing the remaining electronic money at Tapcash BNI is very easy as it can be done in person through an ATM at any time without having to set business hours, for example through a BNI bank office or a minimart. Note that not all ATMs have Tapcash feature, so you’ll have to look for it more carefully. Here’s how to do it

  • Go to the nearest BNI ATM. Then press the green button that says Enter or Accept.
  • Select a language, then select BNI Tapcash.
  • Click the Balance Inquiry menu, and then press Enter.
  • Place your Tapcash card on the machine. reader with special Tapcash stickers
  • Tapcash balance appears

through the EDC merchant/bank

Or you can use the service at the BNI bank or merchant. Although this method is not very flexible. Because it has to adjust according to the business hours of the shop and the business hours of the bank. Try this method if you’re confused about using an ATM.

  • Select BNI Tapcash on the menu, then press the Enter key.
  • Click the Inquire Balance option, press Enter.
  • Place your BNI Tapcash card on reader Then the small balance will be displayed through the EDC machine.

4. Brizzy Brie

Brizzi is an electronic money offered by Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI). Balance checking can be done using a mobile phone as long as the NFC feature is installed on the back, but there are alternatives you can try if you This feature is not available on your mobile. Check out some methods here!

through an ATM

Look for the nearest ATM to check how much money is left at Brizzi. It’s the best option if you don’t have one. smartphone With the NFC feature, this method can be done independently and very helpful because not all of them. merchant Provide electronic money checks and process them at any time without specifying business hours.

  • Visit the nearest ATM that offers Brizzi electronic money cards. Insert your debit card into the ATM slot.
  • choose another menu Then select the Brizzi balance information menu.
  • Stick the Brizzi card on. reader Then wait a moment for the terminal to display information about the money remaining on your Brizzi card.

through the EDC Merchant/Bank

Another way to see how much money is left on Brizzi BRI is to visit. merchant or the nearest BRI branch office This option may seem less flexible than doing it yourself at an ATM, but you can try it.

come merchant Supplier of Brizzi electronic money EDC or visit the nearest bank office during business hours. Tell them you want to check your Brizzi BRI balance.

After that, the bank or merchant Will ask for your Brizzi and di . touch Go to the EDC machine, wait until the remaining money information appears in it, it’s easy to see. no?

Advantages of E-Money

now paid by no cash We are easy to find everywhere. One of them uses e-money or e-money. In large cities, it is widely used for accessing public transport, paying for parking, shopping, etc. This is because using e-money has a number of advantages, including:

1. Practical and easy to carry.

Electronic money is designed in the form of a card, the transaction method is sufficient by touch on the machine only The small shape makes it easier to put in a wallet or purse. lanyard together ID card employee.

2. More secure

Another advantage of e-money is that it is safer. Due to the large amount of counterfeit money circulating in the transaction, if you are using electronic money You can prevent the circulation of counterfeit money.

not only that Each piece of cash or coin has a lot of bacteria because it always changes hands. This is the advantage of electronic money. It is always hygienic. for not changing hands for others

3. Don’t think too much about change.

interesting is If you use electronic money for various types of transactions You don’t need to think about the change amount. Because every transaction will automatically reduce the balance on the card.

4. add easier to balance

Other advantages are add The balance is very easy. Fill in the m-banking application to the bank or merchant nearest or through an ATM

It’s very easy to check e-money balance on non-NFC mobile phone. In a nutshell, if your mobile phone doesn’t have NFC feature yet, you can view all e-money cards for balance via ATM or EDC machine.


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