It’s no longer a secret that ChatGPT is currently quite widely used for various purposes, and even though the data they have is still limited until 2021, ChatGPT is still in great demand by many people if it’s just to facilitate productivity.

Regarding ChatGPT, recently a Youtuber named Enderman tried something unique, where he asked the Chatbot to show the serial number of Windows 95.

Chatbot, of course, refused the request because of course it was not in accordance with the company’s provisions, but armed with a unique idea, Enderman tried to outsmart this by relying on the known Windows 95 serial number format.

Windows 95 serial number format

Armed with information from the serial number format as shown in the image above, Enderman tried to ask ChatGPT to make an ‘example’ of the serial number in the form of words that you can see in the image below.

And of course we can guess the answer, where ChatGPT managed to provide a number of valid serial numbers to be used to activate Windows 95.

According to Enderman, the AI ​​from ChatGPT cannot calculate the number of numbers, and does not know about the divisibility rule. “The AI ​​just gives numbers randomly and can’t do this kind of basic math,” he said.

Then can ChatGPT generate serial numbers from Windows 10 and Windows 11 which are more complex? Unfortunately, at the moment it seems that this is still not possible considering that the format of serial numbers for the latest Microsoft products is more difficult to predict and is still relatively secret.

However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that later the Chatbot will actually reveal a serial number that users can get for free and that’s definitely something I really like.

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Via: Enderman (YouTube), Gamebrottthanks @PaksiReno


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