Just a short Kabr, guys, especially those of you who play cryptocurrencies you may find there are a number of tokens crypto new to the Microsoft and OpenAI chatbot brands, namely BingChatGPT, so don’t be fooled guys, because this token is fake and not made by Microsoft and OpenAI itself.

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Reported from DeCryptthis fake Crypto token is used to deceive users, where after enough assets have been purchased by users in this token, the token owner will withdraw all of them, similar to the case of the Squid token which went viral last year.

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At least 20 on the market are currently using the name BingChatGPT, according to a search carried out on DEXTools. Of these, 12 are on Binance’s BNB Chain, while another six have been created on Ethereum and two more on Arbitrum. Another 170 are using the ChatGPT name, with BNB again the most common protocol on which they are issued.said DeCrypt.

Meanwhile, Microsoft itself has not commented on this counterfeit token with the name Bing, but what is certain is that users are expected to be careful when investing in Crypto tokens with the name BingChatGPT.

via: Neowin, DeCrypt


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