Although Apple hasn’t officially released a major and new update for iOS and watchOS, Apple has given a little leak about what new features will be coming.

All new features that are leaked by Apple are accessibility-related features or features to help users with special needs to access Apple products.

In total, Apple revealed three new features. The three are the Door Detection feature, Apple Watch Mirroring and the last is Live Captions.

Door Detection is an accessibility feature to provide assistance to visually impaired iPhone users. This feature can detect the door when the user is in a new location.

Door Detection will recognize the door in front of the user with several details. For example, how to open the door, recognize the door number, and so on.

Apple Watch Mirroring will help users to input to the Apple Watch screen, but from iPhone with mirroring mode. This feature can help users with physical and motor problems to touch their Apple Watch.

The last one is Live Captions. The main function of this feature is to provide text of the current audio conversation. For example, FaceTime calls, video conferencing on social media applications, streaming content and so on.

In addition to these three features, there are actually a few more accessibility features. You can read more in Apple Newsroom.

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