In the latest Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25281, it turns out that there is a new feature that Microsoft has quietly introduced, namely the presence of ReFS support which is activated in Windows 11.

Regarding this, reported by leaker @XenoPhanter on Twitter, by activating ID 42189933 in ViveTool when installing Windows 11, it will allow users to install Windows into partitions with ReFS format without having to take any additional steps.

ReFS itself or better known as the Resilient File System is a new file system that was first introduced by Microsoft when it first launched Windows 8 in 2011, with ReFS, Microsoft promises there will be more durability, performance and higher data size support. But even so, Microsoft unfortunately limited ReFS support to Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise SKUs only in 2017.

Now in 2023, it seems that everything will change, where ReFS support will be present in Windows 11 for the public, and possibly in the future, this new file system will completely replace NTFS which is currently the default file system for Windows OS installations.

Meanwhile, hearing this, user @PhantomOfEarth actually managed to get Windows 11 running well when using Windows 11 on ReFS, although reportedly he got 1 GSOD during the OOBE process.

So what do you think? will ReFS really replace NTFS in the future? comment below guys.


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