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Google I/O event should be events special softwarebut somehow last night there were a lot hardware that Google shows off and it seems to shift the strongest reason why events is held or can be said to be just a shadow.

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However, today Google is proud to release Android 13 Beta 2 and this is the beta you have been waiting for, because this update is not only for Google devices. Owned devices brand famous people can certainly enjoy Android 13 Beta 2 too! Here is the list:

  • Asus (Zenfone 8),
  • Lenovo (Tab P12 Pro),
  • Nokia,
  • OnePlus (OnePlus 10 Pro),
  • Oppo (Oppo Find X5 Pro),
  • realme (realme GT2 Pro),
  • Sharp (Aquos sense6),
  • Tecno (Camon 19 Pro 5G),
  • vivo (vivo X80 Pro),
  • Xiaomi (Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro, and Pad 5),
  • ZTE (Axon 40 Ultra)

As additional information for you, the next beta release will be available in June. The update will focus on Platform Stability, which means it will have the final Android 13 SDK and NDK APIs, so there will be no new features and only patches will be available. bugs until the final version is available!

Oh yeah, keep in mind that each brand handle their own registration and support, so if the Android 13 beta isn’t yet available for your phone, then you can’t blame Google, as Google only provides the Android 13 Beta 2 update for Pixel devices.


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