Generally, when Google Chrome is closed, the running process will stop, but what if you want the process to continue running in the Background, because when the process is still running, reopening Google Chrome will be faster than having to start over from scratch.

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But friends, before that, please note that making Google Chrome run in the background will take some time resources your device, both RAM and Battery Usage, so this step is not recommended.

Okay, let’s go, here’s WinPoin, which summarizes how to make Google Chrome run in the background when the application is closed.

Step 1. First make sure you are using the Latest Google Chrome.

Here I use Chromium version 104.0.5112.74, Google Chrome is the same, because it’s still the same based on Chromium.

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Step 2. On the Chrome Settings > System > page, please click on the “Continue running background apps when Chromium is closed” section.

Well after that, every time you close Google Chrome, the process from the browser will continue to run, so if you want to open it again, the process the opening not too long, although indeed for users of new devices with SSD, this is not too pronounced.

Please try guys, I hope this article is useful, thank you.


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