Virtual Desktop, one of the excellent features since the Windows 10 era, where with Virtual Desktop, we can separate and manage applications in different work areas, for example desktops 1 we use to open multimedia applications, desktops 2 for games and so on.

But even though this feature is cool, unfortunately the virtual desktop is still not perfect in my opinion, because with no indicator information directly on the taskbar, we don’t know which virtual desktop number we are using.

However, there is one application third party which can make up for this deficiency, friends, its name is Virtual Desktop Helper, and as the name suggests, this will help us manage Virtual Desktop in Windows 10 and Windows 11 more easily.

The features that are present in Virtual Desktop Helper are indeed simple, where one of them is displays desktop number information in the notification area, and also displays the desktop name when you switch between Virtual desktops.

Above is an example of the exact desktop number information we are currently using, and it will change if we switch to another virtual desktop, with this indicator we will know where we are without having to press the Win + Tab keys or click on the icon Virtual Desktops on the Taskbar.

And above is an example when we switch to another virtual desktop, where as soon as we enter, we will be given information where we are moving.

Even guys, we can switch between virtual desktops directly from this application by pressing a button prev/next in the Notifications area.

Oh yes, we have to activate this feature first in Settings > Virtual Desktop Helper Show Previous / Next Desktop in Icon Tray.

In addition to these three features, Virtual Desktop Helper has a relatively small application size, which is only around 200Kb and is available either as a file setup or portableother than that when used, this application only uses 10Mb of RAM.

So for those of you who are really active in using Virtual Desktop, I think this Virtual Desktop Helper is really suitable for you to use.

If you are interested in trying this, you can just download this Virtual Desktop Helper from the GitHub page following. What do you think? have you ever tried this app? comment below guys.

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