It was previously reported that Gameplay Testing Build GTA 6 Leaked Onlineafter some time the leak went viral on the Internet, Rockstar finally confirm that their system has been hacked, although the good news is the development of GTA 6 will not be affected and will continue to run according to their schedule.

Time has passed, several days have passed, finally there is further news of this case, where after Rockstar Games requested an investigation from the UK’s National Crime Agency, hacker who gave the leaked GTA 6 was captured.

Interestingly, expected hacker who leaked and reportedly has a number of assets and source code from GTA 5 and 6 is a 17 year old teenager from Oxfordshire.

Though footage from the GTA 6 leak it has been removed because claim copyrigth, but there might still be some footage which is widely spread on the Internet, but the good news, according to Rockstar, is that this will have no effect on the development process of GTA 6.

Reported from BBC NewsThe teenager was taken into custody on Thursday night, as part of an investigation also supported by the UK’s National Cyber ​​Crime Unit.

“The teenager remains in custody,” police said News.

Even so, there are no further details regarding what investigation has been carried out, hopefully this is not a case of wrongful arrest as is currently viral in our country.

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Via : BBC News, Neowin


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