The Files App or Files Application that you may have heard of is also now available in the Microsoft Store. This application is one of the best alternative applications for those of you who want it file explorer modern, incl tabs feature which has been around for a long time even before Windows 11 brought tabs in file explorer.

After previously reported that this application became paid in the Microsoft Store, now this application is getting interesting improvements in the form of features tags.

Now regarding this, reported from Neowinin the Files app Preview version, users can enter the page Settings > Preferences > Widgets to then activate option tags there, where if activated, the Home view will change and display the Tags option as shown in the following image.

So, how interesting is it? with this Tags feature, users can group files and folders based on tags like in Mac OS’s Files.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Microsoft is also developing a similar feature to be present in Windows 11 File Explorer, but the news of the Tag in File Explorer is still just a rumor considering that there are still no further leaks regarding the new feature that Microsoft will present.

Do you like the features tags this? do you think it will be useful? comment below guys.

via: Neowin


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