A new build for Microsoft Edge Dev Channel has finally been released, which is version 103.0.1253.0. Well friends, in this version Microsoft offers an increase in browsing history where now searches will be made easier with the help of Natural Language Search.

With Natural Language Search itself, for example, when you type in the search “Youtube from last week”, the History Flyout will display a quick filter of available navigations entries.

Well besides that there are also many fixes and improvements that are presented in this version, which include:

  • Added the ability to pin PWA/websites installed as apps to the taskbar from their … menus.
  • Enabled by default the ability to search in the History popup using natural language (for example, “Youtube from last week”).
  • Added a management policy to set the Internet Explorer mode Zoom Display type, which controls if the browser’s zoom level takes into account the current display scale like IE used to (for example, if display scaling is set to 150%, then IE’s default zoom level would show 150%). Note that updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have occurred yet.
  • Fixed a crash on launch.
  • Fixed a crash when visiting certain websites.
  • Fixed a crash when adding items to Collections.
  • Fixed a crash when switching profiles in the Edge Bar.
  • Fixed a crash in WebView2 applications when adding Status Bar text (Issue 2414).
  • Temporarily disabled the search box in the Alerts and Tips popup.
  • Fixed an issue where the browser sometimes doesn’t respond to links clicked from other applications if it’s not already open.
  • Fixed an issue where the browser isn’t brought into the foreground if it’s minimized when clicking on a notification in the Windows Action Center.
  • Fixed an issue where previously-opened tabs are sometimes restored when first opening the browser even though they’re not supposed to be.
  • Fixed an issue where vertical tabs are improperly colored when using custom themes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Find on Page UI is red.
  • Fixed an issue where navigator.mediaCapabilities sometimes doesn’t report proper decodingInfo to websites.
  • Fixed an issue where app or popup windows opened from IE mode tabs don’t automatically resize when they’re supposed to.
  • Fixed an issue in WebView2 apps where the on-screen keyboard sometimes doesn’t appear (Issue 460).

Immediately, for you Microsoft Edge Chromium Dev Channel users, you can check your browser version via the page edge://settings/help make sure that the installed version is version 103.0.1253.0 or later.


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