Last week it was reported that Microsoft Will Introduce Free VPN on Microsoft Edge ChromiumWell, this turned out to be not just a rumor, but Microsoft really does present a Free VPN for Microsoft Edge Chromium users.

In official pageMicrosoft officially launched and introduced this VPN technology in Microsoft Edge, where as per yesterday’s news, this technology is called “Secure Network” and is now available in the latest Microsoft Edge Canary for a small number of Insider users.

For the workings of the “Secure Network” itself is the same as a VPN in general, where the network will be encrypted, as well as some information will be hidden, which includes IP Address, Traffic, and encrypted data.

However, unlike VPNs in general, the Secure Network in Microsoft Edge only allows the selection of servers from the local area, where we cannot choose servers from various countries like other VPNs.

And of course, as reported yesterday, we are only given access to 1 GB of bandwidth every month, so we have to save money if we want to continue using this additional security service in Microsoft Edge Chromium.

If you are a lucky Microsoft Edge Canary user you may have started to try this new feature, all you need to do is login to your Microsoft account, because this Secure Network requires a Microsoft Account to run.

Why do you need to login?, according to information from Microsoft, this is needed to monitor the Data Usage of each user, but calm down, Microsoft is reportedly going to delete all related information when the Secure Network is deactivated.

For more detailed information, you can see the Microsoft page following.


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