As small as it may seem, money problems can actually be a serious problem for some people. especially if he is married Because often one’s income one has less expenses Whether it’s to meet the needs of everyday life, pay off debt, or for life.

If left protracted This problem can be a long-term burden on the person’s life. Therefore, financial problems should be dealt with early. The people who will help you overcome these financial problems are called financial advisor or financial advisor

Definition of Financial Advisor

financial advisor Is responsible for providing consulting services, advice, and solving financial problems for customers. What a customer here means can be an individual or a business organization. Another word for this profession is financial advisor or financial planner.

Service provided by financial advisor There are several types ranging from personal and corporate financial restructuring services. investment management tax control service insurance management services, etc. It is no surprise that this career is included in various financial services firms.

However, you should be able to tell what is what. financial advisor who give advice and advice to clients and purely mana financial advisor That’s twice as much as a sales firm, because financial advisors sometimes have a special mission of introducing the company’s products to the public, such as selling insurance or brokerages.

A good financial advisor must also have a good educational background. Due to a thorough understanding of the specifications and technical mechanics of various financial products, it is not unusual for financial advisors working for reputable companies to have a degree in accounting or financial management and a certificate. Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Not only CFP, there are many places. financial advisor with special needs also need other certificates

Duties of Financial Advisor

1. Help clients plan and set financial goals.

A financial advisor’s first job is to help clients plan and set realistic financial goals. Because the difference in financial goals will lead to differences in financial plans.

to do this The financial advisor will conduct an interview with the relevant client first. The interview includes the financial goals they want to achieve. What is the current financial situation, etc. Then the financial advisor will do the necessary financial analysis and advise the client.

For example, the company wants to build more factories in some place. The financial advisors employed by the company are responsible for analyzing the finances of the company and providing advice on the steps the company must take to achieve this goal.

2. Help manage customer finances.

Many people or business entities come to financial advisory institutions after they encounter quite serious financial problems, such as credit card debt. or unable to fulfill their high living needs

In this case, the work of A financial advisor Is to help organize the financial budget of new customers, such as finding Passive Income and assets. that can be used to pay off debt immediately Or help customers take care of the loan waiver process that banks and carry out. credit card billing and BI audit.

3. Follow up on customer financial developments.

As a provider, a financial advisor’s level of success is when the client successfully executes the recommended financial plan. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the duties of this profession is to help clients keep track of the progress of their financial plans.

However, the job of a financial advisor can only help. The mission of rigorous financial auditing remains with the client himself. Disciplined clients will still achieve their financial goals even without the help of a financial advisor.

4. Recommend financial products based on customer needs

One way to help clients achieve their financial goals is to refer them to certain financial products. These financial products can be in the form of investment instruments. insurance facility to banking services

Every client has different problems and financial goals. Therefore, the products that financial advisors can recommend to each client are different according to their needs. On the other hand, financial advisors need to have sufficient knowledge about these various financial products.

Advantages of using financial advisory services

Sometimes financial problems cannot be solved alone due to various factors. by using the services of a financial advisor You will receive views or opinions from third parties who are experts in the subject matter. So you can plan the financial problems you are facing. Set the right financial strategy. and use these strategies to achieve your desired goal

financial advisor Can also provide investment or insurance advisory services with sufficient research results. The goal, of course, is to help clients determine the right investment and insurance products for their needs.

There are different types of fees used by workers in this field. There is a percentage fee charged to the customer. However, there are fees paid monthly according to the relevant company policy. In addition to these expenses Another benefit to the client is financial freedom.

Do you need a financial advisor?

You will need a financial advisor if:

  1. need financial advice. For example, in choosing the right insurance product You can use the services of financial advisors or insurance agents provided by insurance companies. This is because each type of insurance product has different policies and premium details, so they need to be tailored to your individual needs.
  2. long term investment. The same applies to insurance. There are many types of investment instruments and each has its own pros and cons. Using financial services means that you hire a team of professionals who are ready to tell you which investment instruments are right for your needs.
  3. Help manage personal propertyPersonal asset management herein does not imply that the financial advisor is actively involved in the custody of your assets. But they will advise you on what to do with the assets you have. So that you can achieve financial freedom in the future.

Make sure you choose the services of a financial advisor carefully. Make sure he has a clear affiliation with the company. Have an appropriate educational background and certification and can explain various financial products that you want


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