If you’re new to trying Microsoft Edge Chromium, then you’re probably already familiar with the number of versions available for this browser, which include Stable, Beta, Dev And canaries, where this version is also not only in Microsoft Edge, but in Google Chrome and several other Chromium-based browsers.

So before you choose which version to use, it’s good for us to know what are the differences between these versions, especially in the release cycle which is a little confusing? Here WinPoin summarizes a little explanation.


Just like his name, Stable or means stable is the most stable release that has gone through many trial stages of the previous version, this version is also usually presented every four weeks, for example Microsoft Edge Chromium 109 was released on January 12 2023 then the next version is 110, released on February 9 2023.

Apart from that, this version is also the safest version to use, where this version has minimal bugs and is very suitable as a daily browser.


Before entering Stable, Microsoft Edge Chromium will also go through the Beta stage first, where this release is also presented every four weeks, it’s just that this version is usually one level higher than the Stable version, for example Edge Beta version 109 Released on December 7 2022 and Beta version 110 was released on January 20, 2023.

#How come it’s been six weeks, bro? I’ll explain it at the end, guys.

If set by timeline then for example, Edge Beta 110 was released on January 20 2022 > then three weeks later, namely on February 9 2023 version 110 has started to be released to the Stable stage (also known as pre-released), but even though it has been released to the Stable stage, the Beta Release is still in this version until finally the Beta version gets a new release, namely 111 sometime between February 14, 2023, exactly one week after version 110 entered the stable release.

So that’s why when this article was written, Microsoft Edge Beta still got Build 110, and not 111.

Now the Beta version itself certainly has more new features, considering that the version presented is higher than the Stable version, and this version is the most suitable version for those of you who want to get new features with minimal bugs and are more stable than the Dev and Canary versions.


Before entering the Beta stage, Microsoft Edge Chromium will enter the Dev release first, where Dev stands for Developer which is specifically for developers who have helped develop this browser, including developing extensions and others.

Even though the same is released every four weeks, it’s different from the Beta version, this Dev release is done every week between Thursday – Friday, and it should be noted for this version itself even though there are new updates every week, it doesn’t mean that Dev releases get new builds every week. but more inclined to the build number behind it.

For example, after Edge Dev 110.0.1587.1 was released on January 05, 2023, the following week i.e. January 12, 2023, it will get an upgrade to Build 110.0.xx, where x is the new build number of that week’s update. Updates like this will continue to be repeated for four weeks, where this Edge Dev version will be perfected until it is finally released for the Beta Channel that has passed lifecycle during the four weeks of the previous diversion.

For you developers, of course using this version is the best option, especially if you are a developer of an extension that will be released on Microsoft Edge Add-ons. Apart from that, this version certainly has more bugs compared to the Beta release, so it is not recommended for you to use this browser as a daily browser.


Now if Dev release updates are done weekly, then Canary is done daily, and of course it’s the same as in the Dev version, even though it’s released daily, it doesn’t mean that this build also gets a new build every day, but it’s more inclined to the build number behind it.

In Edge Canary too, users can get new features faster, but of course there are more bugs in it, considering that this release is the first release which is the start of all the releases discussed above.

If you are curious about the release cycle, at least two weeks before Microsoft Edge version 112 was introduced for the Dev release, version 112 has been tested on the Canary release for at least two weeks, during which two weeks, every day there are two new updates presented by Microsoft for Microsoft releases. Edge Canaries.

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If we look based on timeline example, before Microsoft released Microsoft Edge Chromium Stable 110 on February 9, 2023 yesterday > version 110 has started testing in the Beta release for four weeks starting between January 20, 2022, namely version 110.0.1587.17 until February 8, 2023 i.e. version 110.0.1587.40 > meanwhile, the Dev 111 release has been tested for two weeks from 4 February 2023 yesterday until finally it will be moved to a Beta release possibly on 14 – 18 February 2023 > and in the same week as the Stable release, usually Edge Canary will get a new version ( example Edge 112) which will continue to be supported for at least two weeks before moving to a Dev release.

Extended Stable

In some cases, there is a special version called Extended Stableand this is not released for all devices, but specifically for business users specifically in companies who need an extra stable version compared to the usual version.

This version is released every eight weeks and usually this version is available by skipping one build in the middle, for example Edge 108 > eight weeks after > jump to Edge 110.


Now discussing the confusing timeline and release date, actually it depends on Microsoft’s own release schedule which they also follow the release schedule of Project Chromium.

So sometimes even though Stable releases are released every four weeks, it could be released sooner or later depending on their somewhat flexible schedule, but not far from what was planned. Not to mention if there are release delays, such as there are bugs that must be fixed, and there are delays due to holidays in the United States, such as National Holidays, New Years, and Thanks Giving.

For those of you who want to try this version, you can download it from the page Microsoft Edge Insidersand of course you can adjust it to your needs.

So that’s a little explanation about the differences between Channels and Releases in Microsoft Edge Chromium, and for Google Chrome it’s more or less the same, because they are both based on Chromium Browser.

A little addition too, out of the four release cycles above, in general, friends, only 2 are usually the standard and have an estimated release date available, namely Stable And Betas, while for Dev and Canary, both of them have a very flexible schedule and do not have a specific benchmark for when the release will be.

Okay, that’s all for WinPoin’s explanation, I hope this article is useful, sorry if there are mistakes and don’t hesitate to correct me in the comments column below. Thank You.

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