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Smartphones with 5G connections are mushrooming and it’s basically the new standard for most of us smartphone class flagship or middle class. However, for the segment entry level no movement at all, even realme admits that making a cheap 5G phone is a difficult thing!

Based on the information provided by Madhav Sheth, it will be difficult for us (realme) to launch a 5G-capable device with a price tag of 10,000 INR (approximately less than IDR 2 million). Madhav added that realme is indeed trying to lower the price tag of its 5G phone without having to sacrifice specifications and performance. However, this is not a simple task and it may take some time for the goal to be achieved.

Even so, Madhav remains optimistic that realme will be able to market real cheap 5G phones for 2022, even if 5G technology begins to spread throughout the region and the supply chain problem (chip shortage) has been resolved.

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