As we already know, Microsoft delivers features suggested actions in Windows 11 22H2 through moment 1 update which was released last October, where with this feature, whenever a user copies a sentence in the form of a date, or whatever (for example in Notepad), Windows 11 will display suggested actions which the user can select as an additional step.

Well besides the date we can make to add events via suggested actions, users can also search for words on the web with the ‘search on web’ option however, the browser options that are present there only support Microsoft Edge Chromium.

But friends, did you know that starting from Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25247, it turns out that users can activate a feature that brings Google Chrome support in Suggested Actions.

For the steps themselves are simple, we only have to enter the command /enable /id:41539325 /variant:1 or /enable /id:41539325 /variant:2 in ViveTool which opens via Command Prompt as Administrator as usual.

Both will result in the following changes:

So with that, users are now not limited to Microsoft Edge Chromium, because Google Chrome users can also enjoy this new Windows 11 feature.

But guys, this feature is still under development and because it is present in Windows Insider Dev, it is likely that this feature will not be present for stable channels quite a lot too, but hopefully later this capability will actually be presented by Microsoft in Windows 11.

What do you think? comment below guys.

Via : @PhantomOfEarth (Twitter)

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