Recently on several Microsoft forums, a number of users reported that they received a mysterious update sent via Windows Update.

This mysterious update is classified as Quality updates and has the name “Microsoft Bing Service 2.0”, this update is also sent not only for Windows 11 users, but for Windows 10 as well.

In general, Microsoft Bing Services 2.0 is a service that powers the Microsoft Bing Search Engine and of course it might be useful for Bing users to use, but the problem with this update, there is no option to uninstall, and in other words, users cannot delete these automatically sent updates. Exactly as in the picture above, there are only options Learn more just.

Apart from launching the update, a “BingSvc” folder has also been created automatically in the Program Files(x86) folder which will contain the BGAStartMSI.msi and BGAStartMSILauncher.exe files.

Reporting from the German site Deskmodder, there are a number of other files that are present if the user browses deeper registry where the other files include:

  • BDAStartMSI.exe
  • BGAStartMSILauncher.exe
  • BDAUpdatePack.exe
  • BSvcInstaller.msi
  • BSvcStartMSI.exe
  • BWCStartMSI.exe

Now interestingly, if the BWCStartMSI file is run, the Desktop Wallpaper will be automatically replaced with Bing Wallpaper.

What is very unfortunate with this update is that users cannot delete this update, so it can be said that Microsoft is forcing users to use Bing on Windows 10 and Windows 11 that users are using.

So what do you think about this? comment below guys.

Via : BrenTech (YouTube), Reddit (1, 2, 3), DeskModder


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