An interesting piece of information, especially if you are someone who likes to collect Microsoft Rewards and then exchange them for purchasing applications and other services.

Well, it was recently reported that if at this time If you redeem Microsoft Rewards, it is possible that your Microsoft account will be blocked as a result.

Information about this you can see on page reddit below, where reportedly there are many users who have had their accounts blocked and suspended for redeeming Microsoft Rewards.

“Many accounts are being banned in Spain, Mexico, France, Brazil and other regions. Most after redeeming points they get a banned message in a day. It seems to be an issue with Microsoft Rewards since it’s so widespread. Avoid redeeming points if possible.”

In response to this, Daniel Martins (Xbox Loyalty Marketing Manager) has now also reported the same thing and confirmed the error.

“We are aware that some members are experiencing a technical issue where some accounts were incorrectly locked while trying to redeem their funds. Our team is actively working to resolve the issue, thank you for your patience.”

Regarding this, there is no fix and further detailed information from Microsoft, but hopefully this problem does not last long.

If you happen to experience the same thing, you can create a support ticket on the page

Via : Reddit, DrWindows

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