Ventoy, one of my favorite applications where with Ventoy we can create a single flash drive that has a number of bootable os for us to install, whether it’s Linux and Windows.

Well Ventoy itself is an open source application that has received a number of improvements in the last few months, and in version 1.0.76 which was released a few hours ago, Ventoy gets an important improvement, which is now secure boot enabled by default.

So if you’re curious, here is the Ventoy 1.0.76 changelog quoted from the page GitHub.

  1. Enable secure boot support option by default when install Ventoy. Notes
  2. Fix the issue when enrolling key for secure boot with Super UEFIinSecureBoot Disk v3-3.
  3. Auto use memdisk/grub2/wimboot mode if the ISO file name contains a special identifier. Notes
  4. Fix a bug when booting linux vdisk (.vtoy) file in Legacy BIOS mode with F2 or ventoy_grub.cfg.
  5. Support EasyOS partition resize at the first boot time.
  6. Support EasyOS 4.0
  7. Support Stratodesk NoTouch OS. (#1652)
  8. Update languages.json
  9. New ISO support (900+ in total)

Talking about secure boot this option is essential for a number of new devices, including for making Windows 11 installations.

Now with this improvement, now we no longer need to manually activate Secure Boot, because Ventoy has created Secure Boot automatically, and of course if we want to disable it, we can still do it, we just need to go to options > uncheck the section. enable secure boot support.

So, do you like this application? comment below guys.

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