In May 2023, we got a leak from Windows Central where it was reported that Windows 11 23H2, which was planned to be released this year, would not be update major and will only be a part enablement package from the previous version only.

For those who don’t know, if the update we receive is part enablement package then the Build that will be received will not be much different from Build 22H2, namely 22621, in contrast to Windows 11 21H2 which when updated to 22H2 will change the Build drastically from 22000 to 22621.

"The upcoming Windows 11, version 23H2 shares the same servicing branch and code base as Windows 11, version 22H2. What does it mean for you? If you're running Windows 11, version 22H2, it will be a simple update to version 23H2 via a small enablement package (eKB). Do you remember updating from Windows 10, version 1903 to 1909? Or how you've managed recent updates beginning with Windows 10, version 20H2 through 22H2? It will be that simple. Moreover, since both versions share the same source code, you don't need to worry about application or device compatibility between the versions."

This change itself has been introduced by Microsoft since Windows 10, for example, namely version 2004 > 20H2 > 21H1 > 21H2 > 22H1 > 22H2 where the main build of that version is 19040 and continues to get enablement package until 19045.

Launching in Q4 of 2023

Microsoft also confirmed release date from Windows 11 23H2 which will reportedly be available in the fourth quarter of this year, where the release could have occurred between September, October or November.

In addition, Microsoft also recommends that users who want to be impatient to use Windows 11 23H2 can immediately update the system to Windows 11 22H2 now, considering that the features presented in 23H2 will not be much different and only bring a few minor changes.

Don't wait for Windows 11, version 23H2. Continue (or begin) your Windows 11 rollout with version 22H2 now. Upon release in the fourth quarter of 2023, simply deploy the 23H2 enablement package via one of the following:

Windows Server Update Services
Windows Update for Business
Windows Autopatch

Rumors With The Arrival Of Windows 12

If I may give my opinion, maybe the release of the feature update which is now just being enablement package in 23H2 this is because Microsoft wants to focus more on the release of Windows 12 which will be released in 2024, so all the new features that have been introduced in Insider Dev and Canary will not be introduced in Windows 11 23H2 but will probably become available features in Windows 12 .

This is still just my opinion, because unfortunately the news and leaks regarding Windows 12 itself are still very limited, but what is clear is that if this really happens, it could be that Windows 11 22H2 is the last version of Windows 11 22H2. update feature Windows 11 before finally Windows 11 was abandoned and Microsoft prioritized Windows 12 (well, like the case of Windows 10 and Windows 11).

What do you think? Comment below guys and give your opinion.

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