Yesterday there was news that Apple was developing a new device in the form of a Network Adapter. Now there are rumors about Apple’s network devices again.

According to MajinBuOfficial on Twitter, he saw a leak in macOS 13 which will be released in 2022 and said that there were references to Time Machine being integrated with iCloud as well as new AirPort devices in November 2022.

The MajinBuOfficial account itself often leaks various unreleased Apple products with a fairly high level of accuracy. You could say the leak he gave could not be underestimated.

Apple itself has released AirPort devices until it finally stopped production a few years ago. The last generation of AirPort is indeed very far behind when compared to other routers in the current era.

Apple is expected to re-enter the router market by releasing a new AirPort with the latest network technology, support for Mesh Network, Time Machine backup and support for Apple HomeKit.

Meanwhile, Time Machine is currently still supported by Apple on all Mac devices. However, the current Time Machine backup process is still the same as the old school method, namely backing up to an external hard drive.

Apple is expected to release Time Machine with backups to iCloud. Leaks from MajinBuOfficial made that hope reappear.

via Apple Insiders


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