WinPoin has often discussed Windows 11, whether it’s the development of the update, or discussing tutorials and new features.

Now, since Windows 11 22H2 has entered the Insider Release Preview and is quite feasible to use, there are a number of WinPoin readers who use that version, and maybe some of them have already explored the new features in the new version.

But friends, based on a number of comments in several WinPoin articles, it turns out that there are a number of Windows 11 features that WinPoin readers want the most, and what are they?, Let’s discuss guys.

Tabs in File Explorer

So, maybe we used to know this feature Sets which was originally rumored to be released on Windows 10, but unfortunately it didn’t happen and after a few years, this feature was finally re-introduced.

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Some WinPoin readers have discussed this feature quite often, and have wondered when this feature will be launched, and the answer is guys, maybe this feature will be presented in Windows 11 23H2 which will be released next year.

This is because on Windows 11 Insiders Build 25136Microsoft has officially introduced this cool feature.

Small Taskbar

Well, I myself am one of those people who like the appearance of a tiny Taskbar, and unfortunately in Windows 11, we can’t change the size of the Taskbar from default Becomes small like in the era of Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Small taskbar on Windows 10.

With that said, if you have a device with a small screen, the size of the Windows 11 Taskbar which is quite large seems to take up too much space on the screen of the device you are using.

Apart from me, it turns out that there are many who want this feature to come back, but unfortunately there is no information from Microsoft whether this feature will be back in Windows 11 or not at all.

Never Combine on the Taskbar

Apart from Small Taskbar, I and some other readers are quite hopeful that the option Never Combine in Combine taskbar button is returned.

This is because if we open a lot of jobs, especially if we open multi window with the same application, the combined display feels enough for navigation to be less fast and less than optimal.

So, those are some of the features that are discussed and discussed by a number of WinPoin readers, maybe there are several other features, but these three are the most popular and most expected to come to Windows 11.

Are there any additions, guys?, comment below. Thank you


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