Just like in Windows 10, in Windows 11 Microsoft also brings extra protection for users from Phishing and the like, which this feature is also that of Microsoft Defender.

It’s just that, this feature is unfortunately not active by default, and users need to activate it manually, and if you don’t know and are curious about the steps, here is a short summary of WinPoin steps.

Step 1. Open Windows Security (the quick way is just type Windows Security in Windows Search or Start Menu).

Step 2. Entered into App & browser control > Reputation-based protection settings.

Then please activate all the options available in Phishing Protections as shown above.

Among them with these phishing protections, when there are Malicious Apps, users will be warned that the apps or sites they visit are dangerous, as well as passwords that are not safe because they are easy to guess, and password storage is less secure, so it’s a good idea to just activate them all.

Please try guys.

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