As has been rumored for a long time, June 15, 2022 will be the day that Microsoft completely discontinues the Internet Explorer service, and from that date which happens to coincide today, it can be said that Internet Explorer is officially dead.

Dead here is because starting today Microsoft will prevent Internet Explorer from working, and even if the user tries to open Internet Explorer, the browser will be redirected to Microsoft Edge Chromium immediately.

Well, let’s quote again about two phase termination of Internet Explorer, where once IE11 reaches the end of its support, Microsoft will discontinue the browser in two phases. The former will redirect the user to Microsoft Edge whenever the user tries to open IE11 either directly or indirectly. Then Phase two, which will start immediately after phase multi-month phase ends where Microsoft will disable IE11 completely. However, IE11 will not be removed as it still provides an IE mode running MSHTML/Trident Engine in Edge on Windows 10 devices.

In this regard, Microsoft has also emphasized that this termination will not be effected via Windows Updates, so there is no point in trying to block updates so you can continue using Internet Explorer.

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Internet Explorer Is Still There If…

Now if you are still using the old version of Windows 10, for example the LTSB version, or LTSC 2019, Internet Explorer will still be maintained and can still be used if it is needed, but for the latest versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11, Internet Explorer can no longer be used. return.

So are you still using Internet Explorer? comment below guys.

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