At the end of October 2022, it was reported that there was a bug Nvidia GPU Usage in Windows 11 22H2where the GPU Usage in Windows 11 does not display the correct number.

As in the picture above, you can see that the GPU Disk Usage is quite high at 96%, even though the temperature of the device is only 39 degrees Celsius. The figure appears reversed, and maybe the GPU Usage that should be shown is 4% not 96%.

While Nvidia has fixed this bug via Nvidia Geforce Experience Beta, now the update is available in a public version that all users can get. Where in the GeForce Game Ready WHQL-certified driver update version 526.98, Nvidia has fixed this problem so that users are recommended to immediately update the Graphic Drivers that users are using.

For you Nvidia users who haven’t gotten this update yet, if there is a GeForce Experience application on your Windows 11, you can update the driver from there, but if not you can download the driver manually via the page following.

So, have you updated your driver? comment below guys.


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