If you don’t like Windows 11’s Taskbar having less functionality compared to Windows 10 or earlier, one of those functions includes the option never combined which to be honest is very useful if the user opens a lot of applications in the taskbar.

Now regarding the options never combined that, recently there was a new leak from Albacore (Twitter), which is most likely, Windows 11 will get this option in a future version.

As in the picture above, it can be seen that command prompt open with not combined in one section on the Taskbar. And in the picture, you can see the Windows version used is Windows Server 2022 with Build 25246.

Now, this opens up opportunities for Windows 11 consumer edition, both the Pro and Home versions, to get the same options in the upcoming Insider build. But it should be noted, the possibility of the presence of this option has not been confirmed by Microsoft and it is possible that this option will not be present in Windows 11, but with many user requests Microsoft should have considered bringing this option back.

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Via : Albacore (Twitter)


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