Yesterday Microsoft released an update Preview KB5020044 for Windows 11 22H2 users, where with this update there are a number of improvements that are presented, including the presence of a warning in the system if the user’s OneDrive capacity has reached its limit.

But friends, did you know that a while ago, Microsoft has added a new bug through its Windows 11 Health Dashboard page, which is related to updates. KB5020044 previously released. Where after the user installs this update, the Task Manager may display UI elements with an unexpected color and not as it should be.

“After installing KB5020044, Task Manager might display certain elements in the user interface (UI) in unexpected colors. On affected devices, Task Manager should function as expected but some parts of the UI might not be readable. You might be affected by this issue if you have “Choose your mode” set to “Custom”, in the Personalization -> colors section of Settings. If you are using Dark or Light for the “Choose your mode” setting, you should not be affected by this issue.” Microsoft explained.

Now this problem also occurs if the user sets the view via Settings > Personalization > Colors and change it to customswhereas if you use the default theme either Dark or Light mode, you won’t get this problem.

Temporary Fixes

In case you are having this problem, you can change your theme through the page Settings > Personalizations > Colors > then select Dark or Light according to your wishes, and until this problem is fixed by Microsoft, users are not encouraged to choose a mode custom.

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