An interesting piece of news recently arrived for Windows OS fans where it turned out that at the Microsoft Build 2023 event yesterday, Microsoft indirectly mentioned next generations of windows on a screenshots which he shared.

Although this news has not been officially confirmed by Microsoft directly, many fans out there associate this rumor with the presence of Windows 12 which is said to be released and introduced in 2024.

About the next generation of Windows, Basically, Microsoft has often mentioned this in a number of events or leaks, but unfortunately there are no further details on what it will be like. next get of windows this, is it true that there will be Windows 12 as rumored, or is there another version that is indeed better than Windows 11?

And regarding the image shared above, once again it should be noted that not at the Build 2023 event yesterday, it was not discussed and explained regarding next gen of Windows and even its relation to Windows 12, so even if it is true that there is a new version that will be the successor to Windows 11, Microsoft really closes this information meeting and only leaks a small number of parts as easter eggs in various announcements.

What do you guys think? Comment below guys, are you even more sure that next year the next gen of Windows will be Windows 12? or is there another Windows version? let’s have an opinion in the comments column below.

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