gold (gold) is one of the most popular commodities in the world. In addition to being a good store of value Gold was also an official method of payment in ancient times before fiat money was introduced. Even now it’s not But gold is still highly valued because of its intrinsic value (true value). Therefore, gold is often an investment option. And it is considered by most people the safest and most crisis-resistant assets. with advances in technology Gold is not only accessible now. but also received digitally. The following guide will give you some insight on how to buy gold online. online which can be used for various purposes

recommend investment online gold

There are actually many ways to buy gold. online It is currently the easiest and most practical option. To start doing so You must have an intermediary or known as a broker. Subsequently, this broker will provide the application or platform. trade Gold. How to buy gold online. online:

1. Choose a broker

There are many types of brokers that offer commodities in the form of gold (goldThis broker mainly facilitates derivatives trading such as futures and differential contract (CFD). You can own gold through this brokerage company. online. Some people prefer short-term trading or trade gold online For example, where to buy?buy) today and sell tomorrow or next week. On the other hand, people collect gold. online This is for the long term, also known as gold investment.

The thing to understand is when you buy gold. online Through a broker, you do not own any tangible form of gold. But it’s digital ownership. This is legally acceptable and legal. Especially if you choose a regulated and reliable broker. There are legal guarantees or contracts that govern and bind ownership of this. So instead of buying real gold which may seem ineffective. It forces you to have secure storage. It’s easier to claim your gold digitally.

However, in exchange for the services of brokers You will be required to pay a certain amount of commissions and fees (fee) traded in a certain amount which is usually quite a bit Although it also depends on the policy of each broker.

2. Set a budget

When you buy gold online onlineYou will see the movement of gold prices go up and down or fluctuate every time. in other words Gold is not without price slumps. So there is a risk. Although the volatility of gold prices is not as high as other financial instruments such as stocks and stocks. Encryption. So before you decide trade gold online short-term or long-term investment Set your desired budget Wouldn’t it be better to budget for an amount that won’t make you “crazy” when it runs out? In other words, invest as much as you are ready to lose. This means you are ready for the worst risks.

3. Do your research.

because of gold (gold) is the best and most popular product in the world. There is a lot of information and news popping up that you can easily access online. online. You should devote enough time to research (research) and analyze potential or future trends. To make gold investment decisions have a solid foundation. It’s not just speculation. If you plan to do trade gold online or buy and sell gold only in the short term Learn what technical analysis is, however, if you intend to invest in gold over the long term. Master the fundamental factors that affect the gold price.

4. for user account

as described how to buy gold online online It is through an intermediary broker that carries out all transactions and trading processes through the platform. trade Provided by the broker can be in the form of a website platform and a mobile application (mobile app). So you just need to register or register now to create an account. The process is very simple and relatively fast with a set of predefined steps. Make sure you fill out and complete the required information correctly.

5. Make a deposit

You now have an account. Before you can trade You need some capital or money to buy or invest in gold. online. So you have to make a deposit or make a deposit for the first time. Most brokers usually set a minimum initial deposit amount. You can choose a broker that best suits your capabilities. If your starting capital is 1 million Indonesian Rupiah Choose a broker that allows a minimum initial deposit of up to 1 million Indonesian Rupiahs.

6. Choose the gold you want to buy

The most popular and selective gold trade is spot gold, which is often paired in the form of XAU/USD. In addition to gold or XAU/USD, commodities (commodity) is the most frequently traded crude oil (crude oil), natural gas (natural gas), money (money) and copper (copper).

7. Execute trading

Once you’ve determined the type of gold you’re going to buy. The next step is to execute a trade or make a purchase. You can set the amount of gold you buy and the price. Again, it is important to remember to analyze and research before doing so. So you can profit by entering or buying at the right time.

For example, when the global economy is in a downtrend It might be a good time to buy gold, assuming fiat currencies will decline and people tend to turn their money into anti-crisis assets or. refuge Like gold, on the other hand, if the economy is rising Financial market assets, such as stocks, tend to be more attractive. and people will put their capital into stocks more than gold. in other words The demand for gold will decrease and this will in turn provoke a price depreciation.

get to knowfather is gold

gold or gold It is a precious metal product that has a wide range of uses or functions. Gold has been used as a currency or a medium of exchange for millennia. Today, its function as a means of payment is dominated by directives. However, gold has intrinsic value, so this asset can be used for functions such as jewelry and tools. investment refugeSo gold would be a safer “place” than a mandate, which is only valued by government regulations.

Types of tradable gold by online

basically You can buy real gold such as gold bars and jewelry for free. onlinee.g. pass market. First you place an order. Choose gold with specific requirements, pay for it and ship it to your address. online This refers to the type of gold that is more available in the financial markets. in other words You do not own the tangible form. but in a legal digital format.

various choices to invest in gold

for more information There are many ways or methods to own gold. either directly in the form of physical or digital ownership. or indirect ownership, such as investing in shares of gold mining companies for clarity Here are some alternatives to investing in gold:

  1. shareYou can invest in companies involved in the mining and gold processing sector through joint ownership. You own a company that produces that gold. Your profit comes from the profit made by the company sold in the form of dividends and from the increase in the share price (if the company has go to public or a public company/tbk)
  2. futures. If you want to buy gold online online especially for shorter time futures contract or futures It’s the right choice. Here, you are speculating on the short-term movement of the gold price. In fact, this futures contract doesn’t just offer gold. but also other commodities Even currency pairs are available. exchange rate. futures It is a type of derivative other than options (choice) and differential contract (CFD). Start trade futuresYou can register with futures brokers, however, this type of trading is not suitable for beginners.
  3. Contracts for Difference (CFD)Trading gold through CFD systems also allows you to predict short-term gold price movements. In addition to the supply of gold, CFDs also offer additional assets such as stocks. Encryptionindex, exchange rateand other commodities such as crude oil. trade CFDs usually have no commissions and trading fees are cheaper. futures. start trade gold online Through CFDs, you can register with multi-asset brokers who generally have this trading system.
  4. mutual fund. You can also own gold through mutual funds. without you buying gold independently but through investment managers You just need to deposit and the investment manager will place your money. (along with other investors’ funds) into various gold products.
  5. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs). It is a type of mutual fund that can trade investment units like trading on the stock exchange. In other words, an ETF can be called a combination of mutual funds and stocks.

However, from the above 5 options, how to buy gold? online Get your most popular today through CFD company stocks and futures. For long term investment Stock instruments are more suitable. while for trade gold online Short term with low cost CFDs are an attractive option. Whatever you choose, it will be a good idea to adapt it to your personal needs. If you are a newbie Instruments such as stocks, CFDs and futures require advanced knowledge. Therefore, you will need to study and prepare more thoroughly.


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