Microsoft Edge Chromium now brings a feature named Discoverwhere this feature will be quick access to recommended content for users, including quick access to Bing Chat in it.

As we already know, quite a lot of users feel that these buttons and menus are not really needed, especially for users of search engines other than Bing because this feature only fills the appearance of Microsoft Edge and makes it look complicated.

Now regarding this, we also previously knew the steps for Get rid of the Discover Menu in Microsoft Edge Beta, and did you know that now with the latest Microsoft Edge Chromium update version 111.0.1661.54, Microsoft has added settings on the Settings page so that users can adjust the presence of the Discover feature.

In Microsoft Edge Chromium 111.0.1661.54, users can now go to pages Settings > Sidebars > discover, then you can enable or disable this feature from there.

Image : Neowin

The presence of this option is of course because there are quite a lot the feedback login from the user, where as previously said that quite a lot of users do not need the presence of these options and features.

So, what do you think about the options that are present? Do you like it? comment below guys.

via: Neowin


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