Yesterday Google has released Google Chrome 104 with a number of new features in it, one of the new features presented is Web Bluetooth APIwhich is quite interesting for us to discuss this time.

Now this API is now integrated with Permissions Policy empowering website to communicate with other devices via bluetooth, but the method is not with cross-origin iframes. Google believes that with this API, it will open multiple channels of productivity and communication without compromising security.

However, on the other hand, Mozilla and Apple, both have feedback “negative” about the API. Where even Apple believes APIs will degrade security and allow behavior fingerprinting which poses a risk to user security.

Following up on this, Apple said that they “have not seen a way to solve the problem of the API”, and Mozilla also voiced the same thing by calling the API “dangerous”:

This API provides access to the Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) of Bluetooth, which is not the lowest level of access that the specifications allow, but its generic nature makes it impossible to clearly evaluate. Like WebUSB there is significant uncertainty regarding how well prepared devices are to receive requests from arbitrary sites. The generic nature of the API means that this risk is difficult to manage. The Web Bluetooth CG has opted to only rely on user consent, which we believe is not sufficient protection. This proposal also uses a blocklist, which will require constant and active maintenance so that vulnerable devices aren’t exploited. This model is unsustainable and presents a significant risk to users and their devices.said Mozilla.

Regarding Chrome 104, although this version brings significant updates, unfortunately the features Web Bluetooth API this is quite controversial, even to the point of being rejected by Apple and Mozilla. But what about Microsoft and all browsers that use the same Chromium base?, maybe everyone will follow Google’s steps, because once again, the Chromium browsers are still the same family, except for Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

So what do you think about this?, if you are curious about Web Bluetooth APIyou can see the information of the Web Bluetooth API on the page following.

Via : ChromeStatus, Neowin

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