Opening a BNI online account just got easier. This is because customers no longer need to come to the bank and adjust their business hours. The account opening process can be done through smartphone with internet You don’t have to worry about waiting too long in line with other customers.

When you create a BNI savings account without going to the bank. You have your own advantages too. But there are conditions that must be met if you wish to have them. See full information on how to open a BNI account online and conditions here!

BNI Online Account Overview

account digital bank or online is a savings account where the account opening process can be done digitally or over the internet. The requirements and procedures are more or less the same as registering directly with the bank (offline), but the difference is You don’t need to queue at the spot.

It is also more efficient than queuing directly at a BNI branch office. Opening a BNI online account is relatively easy, no phone calls required. video together customer service, Just upload all files and photos. Make your first deposit Then it can be used for various types of transactions. Customers can also activate BNI m-banking directly online at that time.

The existence of online account opening facility from BNI is very helpful for the community. Especially employees and students who do not have enough time to come to the bank during working hours and working days. Each type of BNI savings has different requirements. Therefore, the management fees charged are not the same. For more detailed information You can review the next issue regarding account opening requirements, procedures and benefits.

BNI online account opening conditions

Opening a new BNI bank account online has several advantages. including practical, fast, efficient and opportunities to earn attractive rewards. If interested, check out BNI’s online account opening requirements below.

1. Taplus

Requirements for creating a BNI Taplus account online

  • Have a personal identification card: KTP, SIM or Passport.
  • Fill out the form to open a new BNI account.
  • Responsible for details of administrative expenses and other additional expenses as follows:
initial deposit 500,000 Indonesian Rupiahs (Jabo De Tabek) and 250,000 Indonesian Rupiahs (outside of Jabodetabac)
balance Rp150.000
administrative expenses IDR 11,000
Closing fee IDR 10,000
book change fee 1,500 rupiah

2. Young Tae Plus

BNI Taplus Muda for those who do not have ID or are not married.

  • Applicants aged 15-17
  • Copy of birth certificate, student card or original passport
  • Copy of parent’s ID card
  • Complete an account opening form signed by your parents.

BNI Taplus Muda is for people with ID card or married.

  • 17-25 years old
  • Original KTP and copy of KTP
  • Fill out the fund statement form (for students and housewives only)
  • Fill out the new account opening statement form.

In the BNI Taplus Muda account, the client is willing to accept the following details of management fees and other additional charges:

initial deposit Continue IDR 100,000, minimum IDR 10,000
balance IDR 50,000
administrative expenses IDR 5,000
Closing fee IDR 50,000

3. Tae Plus Business

Requirements for creating a BNI Taplus Bisnis account

  • Attach valid ID: KTP, SIM or Passport.
  • attach a certificate of domicile
  • Attach the business license and the business establishment deed.
  • NPWP
  • Attach a statement with a signature from the authorized signatory.
  • Responsible for details of administrative expenses and other additional expenses as follows:
initial deposit Next IDR 1,000,000 Minimum IDR 5,000
accounting processing fee IDR 10,000
The management fee is lower than the daily average. IDR 20,000
gold debit order IDR 15,000
platinum debit order IDR 20,000
gold debit turnover IDR 20,000
Platinum Debit Changes IDR 25,000

How to open a BNI account online without going to the bank

Have you prepared all the required documents? Here’s how to open a BNI account online without visiting the bank during business hours.

  1. Download the BNI Mobile Banking application at smartphone Android or Apple Make sure the internet network is stable.
  2. Open the BNI Mobile Banking application and choose to open a BNI account. Determine the type of savings you wish to use.
  3. Choose to open an account Then click register.
  4. Complete all steps including uploading documents must be done carefully. Electronic account opening notification form here (accessible via . only smartphone, both Chrome for Android and Safari for Apple)
  5. Make an initial deposit with small requirements.
  6. The customer will receive a virtual debit card and account number. The account is ready to be used for transactions.
  7. Continue to register an account. mobile banking, you can learn How to register and activate BNI m-banking online here!

The customer did not receive a debit card (ATM) because they were given a virtual debit card. Try asking the nearest BNI branch office. or contact the department at Customer service.

Advantages of opening a BNI online account

There are many advantages that can be obtained if you open a digital BNI account, besides it is practical and the process is fast. also has the following advantages

1. It really works No need to queue at the bank

Opening a BNI account online means it can be done at home or anywhere. just via email smartphone and internet connection only It is not necessary to visit any BNI branch office during business hours. especially when you don’t have much time to do it. Of course, this is a huge benefit for many parties. Especially staff and students who have a lot of free time on weekdays.

Plus, you don’t have to spend too much time queuing for other customers at the bank. Just prepare all the necessary files, internet and smartphone to do

2. Fast process

You don’t really need to come to the bank. Opening a BNI savings account online is a relatively quick process. make time more efficient No need to wait in long queues like opening an online account. offline

Later, when the process of opening a BNI account, the customer can activate it immediately. mobile banking BNI also receives a virtual debit card that can be used immediately. Please note that when you want to open an account You can register only one NIK account. Then you can use the application. mobile banking to add an account

3. No session required. video call with BNI

most banks When customers want to open an account online The following actions are required: video call However, at BNI it is not necessary to do this. Just upload all the necessary documents and photos clearly.

no session required video call This makes it easier for customers with weak or unstable internet networks. Therefore, it reduces the risk that the internet network will be disconnected while in the process of opening a new account. It’s also more practical and doesn’t take up too many data packages.

4. Instant use for m-banking transactions

One of the advantages of creating a BNI account online is that it can be applied directly to different types of transactions. mobile banking BNI at that time

5. Earn more points

What’s even more interesting is If you created an online savings account Your chances of earning additional points will be easier. Therefore, the chances of drawing a prize will be greater.

6. Get payoff interesting

In addition to the score The opportunity that customers will receive payoff draw bigger Interested in opening a new account online at BNI?


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