About last month, Microsoft released a new Quick Assist app with a new logo to the Microsoft Store, with that now Quick Assist is no longer available as a default app in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Now for those of you who don’t know, Quick Assist itself is an internal Microsoft remote assistance application, where Windows Administrators do many things online to help other Windows users. Regarding Quick Assist, it turns out that after Microsoft updated this application and presented it in the Microsoft Store, quite a lot of Windows Admins were annoyed with the shortcomings of this new application.

As reported by Matthias Waltniel’s tweet, who is a Microsoft Endpoint Management Consultant, Matthias complained that the new version of Quick Assist requires a bit of a challenge to run this application properly.

Not only on Twitter, it’s in the thread announcement Microsoft also has some users who complain about the same thing.

Responding to the problem that quite a lot of users have complained about, Kapil Tundwal, Principal Software Engineering Manager for Quick Assist explained that Quick Assist moved to the Microsoft Store to get security updates faster, and Kapil also said that Microsoft will update this app soon.

With that, it is hoped that the Quick Assist application will work well, at least work the same as before Quick Assist was moved to the Microsoft Store.

What do you think? are you a Quick Assist user? comment below guys.

Via : Microsoft, Bleeping Computer


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