Bank savings is one of the most common ways to save money. This is because banks not only offer the necessary security to protect your assets. It also offers easy collection and payment with various facilities. given by the bank

However, like any other company Banks also need cash flow for operating expenses. In addition to the differences between credit payments and savings, This institution also uses various costs. that the depositor is responsible for

Therefore, it is not uncommon for customers to feel disadvantaged by keeping their money at the institution. How to save money in the bank without loss? Here are some tips:

1. Know the cost components

The first tip is to know the composition and amount of fees your bank will set for you, such as a monthly fee. Bank transfer feeFees for withdrawing money using another bank’s ATM, etc.

You can then use the magnitude of the value of this cost element as a comparative factor of which bank is right for you and not right for you. Of course, after you consider other factors as well.

2. Select by location of physical assets

One of the cost elements above is the fee for withdrawing money using another bank’s ATM. You can cut down on this cost by choosing a bank that has an ATM near you. That way, you don’t need to withdraw money using a shared ATM for withdrawals and additional fees.

For digital banks, you can choose. digital bank which can be accessed for free using another bank’s ATM. Due to the concept of this financial institution as a bank with minimal physical assets. Therefore, there are no ATM machines and relying on ATMs from other banks. This is usually handled by offering a free withdrawal fee equal to the amount of withdrawals per month. before finally paying

3. Create another account

so that your savings are not easily withdrawn and used for shopping You can have two different accounts. One account for receiving salary and daily expenses and 1 special account for savings only

Later, though, there will be double administrative fees you have to pay. Separating this account can help you save for special needs, so you won’t spend the money you save in this special account for your daily needs.

4. Take advantage of other banking facilities

In addition to normal savings Banks also have at least three savings that you can use: savings plans, deposits, and insurance. You can use all three of these financial services to get more benefits from savings at the bank.

Fixed Deposit is a deposit service provided by a bank in which a client using this service is unable to withdraw money within a certain period of time. Deposit interest is quite high compared to ordinary savings, so it is suitable for earning income. passive income.

A savings plan is a savings service similar to a deposit. The difference is that customers are required to deposit a certain amount each month for security purposes. In addition, the term of the savings plan is generally more than 1 year and the interest rate is not as high as the deposit interest rate. You can use this facility to prepare for short-term needs or just in case.

A bank deposit service suitable for long-term needs is insurance. Yes! The bank also provides insurance services. Usually, the insurance service provided by this institution is education insurance. as well as a savings plan Bank insurance customers are required to deposit a certain amount of money each month.

But don’t worry, you can make a deposit using a direct debit system from the remaining deposits in your account. So you don’t have to come to the branch every month.

5. Update with promotions

Did you know that banks Often organize promotions for their customers. Not just credit card holders The bank also offers various promotions for debit cardholders and mobile banking users. The promotions offered also vary. From discounts on food from stores Discounts in the form of digital wallet top-ups Discounts on online marketplace shopping and much more.

By continuously updating various promotions that the bank offers You can make the most of these promotions. So that your savings in the bank are used not only for daily needs. But it can also be used to get special items at promotional prices.

Still, you need to be careful if someone claiming to be from a bank comes to you with a promotion. This is because fraudulent schemes offering bank promotions abound and take large numbers of victims in Indonesia.

6. Choose a bank with high savings interest rates.

The most traditional way to save money at the bank. To keep you from falling short is to choose a bank that offers high savings interest rates. Bank savings and fixed deposit interest rates Terms will change from time to time. It depends on the policy of each bank and the standard interest rate of Indonesian banks.

A high interest rate indicates that the small additional amount going into your savings account will also be high. It does not stipulate that the amount of interest income you receive will be greater than the administrative fee deduction you are required to pay.

but vice versa High interest rates also indicate that savings, both savings and bank deposits, are also high-risk. To make it easier for you, we have summarized List of banks with the highest deposit interest rates.

No less important than savings at a bank so that you don’t fall short is to choose a bank that has clear legislation, a good track record, and few assets to account for. This is because even if your savings at the bank are guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS), at least choosing a bank with large assets. You can avoid the risk of default on payments.


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