First, register mobile banking BNI must be made through a bank and available only during business hours. But this time the registration system is very easy because you can use your mobile phone. The process is much more flexible than the old system. You don’t even need to look for time on weekdays.

The procedure and requirements for registering BNI m-banking via mobile phone are not much different from the manual banking method. As long as you find in the following text Find out how to register for BNI m-banking via mobile without going to the bank.

Requirements for registering BNI M-Banking through HP

registration process BNI m-banking It’s very easy to do, not too much demand. This can be done anytime, anywhere without having to come to the bank during the day or business hours. Here are the conditions:

  • App downloaded mobile banking BNI (available in the App Store and Google Play)
  • National Identity Card (KTP)
  • Already have a BNI account
  • Have a BNI debit card
  • Active mobile number
  • Stable internet connection

Have prepared all the necessary documents to create an account. Mobile banking? Because registration and activation are digital. You should ensure that your internet connection is stable to make the registration process easier. Also, make sure your mobile phone number is active. So you can receive the OTP sent by BNI to verify the information.

Also, try to have a BNI account and a debit card, as later you will need the multiple digits shown on the debit card and account number during the registration process. Therefore, it is best to open a bank account before deciding to activate immediately. mobile banking know Some advantages if you use BNI for consideration

application mobile banking Many conveniences for daily transactions From paying house bills, taxes, buying credit. View account balance or transferring money to other accounts Even now that is fully equipped. Features which makes online transactions easier. no cash.

Steps to register BNI M-Banking through HP

easy registration mobile banking BNI has mobile phones only. As long as they know how and prepare all the registration requirements as stated in the previous point, this way you don’t need to come to the bank. Because it’s a much more efficient method in terms of time and energy.

How to register BNI m-banking through HP

Registration requirements have been prepared. Mobile banking? Follow the steps to register a BNI m-banking account via mobile as follows.

  1. Open the BNI Mobile Banking application already installed on your smartphone. Swipe left and click ‘come on, get started!’ to continue.
  2. Read the display of terms and conditions carefully. If you have read Continue by clicking on the check mark. then register
  3. Follow all the registration steps provided by the system. If you are asked to fill out You should act properly and carefully to avoid mistakes.
  4. Next, you will be asked to enter your debit card number, BNI account number. password/ATM (debit) code, e-mail address and personal information on ID card So prepare in advance
  5. Complete all information requested in the registration form accurately and carefully. If necessary, double-check to ensure that all information entered is free of errors.
  6. Click the next button and allow.
  7. Fill in the account number, followed by the last 8 digits of the ATM/debit card, as well as the date of birth as indicated in the registration form.
  8. Fill in your personal information as per your ID card, including NIK, address, etc., including your current location and email address, if applicable. A referral code may be entered.
  9. If the form is filled in correctly, click Create User ID.
  10. Create a user ID using a combination of numbers and letters. You can use a name and combine it with a given number. Click register when finished.
  11. Open the email when the BNI system sends the registration code. Enter the registration code in the box provided in the application form. mobile banking
  12. The registration process is complete.

When sending an OTP, do not share it with anyone but yourself. Especially if someone else is trying to keep asking for it. You should not allow it to secure your account in the future.

Please pay attention again when filling out the information. Make no mistake to complete the account registration process. Make sure that the information entered is your own based on the information while creating the account.

How to enable BNI m-banking via HP

Please note that after completing the above registration process, your BNI m-banking account remains inactive. So after the registration process there is still an activation process. mobile banking

activation process mobile banking BNI can only be done via mobile. You don’t need to go to the bank or take a half-day vacation because you are chasing bank office hours. This procedure can be performed directly after registration. Here’s how to easily activate BNI m-banking through your mobile phone.

  1. Open the BNI Mobile Banking application, then log in/login.
  2. Enter User ID, Debit Card Number and the location of the country in which it was created
  3. The next page shows the steps for sending an OTP through an active mobile phone number or email. Click Continue and wait for the BNI system to send the OTP.
  4. input The OTP you received via the selected option (Email or SMS). Type the OTP code. Attempt to have a minimum of 5000 IDR credit to successfully complete the verification process via SMS.
  5. Also send a confirmation message to confirm the entered information.input Previously by SMS to 3346, it was also possible via WhatsApp. Do not change or change the content of the message for this procedure to be approved successfully. Therefore, adapt the existing format from the BNI system.
  6. You can now create a new PIN for your account. mobile banking BNI Generate PIN/password up to 6 digits
  7. Next is the last step. Do password 8-12 character transactions that consist of a mix of letters and numbers. Try to use uppercase and lowercase letters. Don’t include an identity element in the form of the owner’s name so that it’s not easily hacked.
  8. Select Save, then click Continue.
  9. The BNI m-banking activation process is complete. The m-banking application can now be used for various types of financial transactions.

very easy, no How to enable mobile banking BNI through HP? For more information, the 6-digit PIN and password 8-digit transactions are two different things.

The 6-digit PIN code is used for logging into the application. which is displayed on the first page on the contrary password Transactions are used to verify transactions. made in the application (e.g. transfer, pay bills, etc.)

That’s how to register and activate an account. mobile banking BNI via HP hope this information helps.


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