When navigating in File Explorer, we may already know the file we are accessing is in directory where, but what if we forget and want to see full path on the title bar in File Explorer Windows 11, remember, since Windows 10, the title bar is no longer showing full path from directory that the user has access to.

But fortunately there is an option that allows you to see the full path in the file explorer title bar, and related to this, the following WinPoin summarizes the short steps for Displaying the Full Path on the File Explorer Title Bar in Windows 11.

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Step 1. First, please open Settings > Privacy & security > for Developers

Step 2. On that page, please select the File Explorer option > then activate Show full path in title bar.

And done deh, here are the results.

But guys, because File Explorer in Windows 11 already has a Tab feature, it displays full path the Title bar is actually not pleasing to the eye, unless you deactivate the Tab feature first, you can see the method on the following page: How to Remove Tabs in Windows 11 File Explorer


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