Microsoft Photos in Windows 11 is now even better with the presence of a number of integrations, including OneDrive and iCloud, although previously it was rumored iCloud for Windows View Other Users’ Photos and Videosbut this integration is one of the things that is quite interesting for Apple Devices users as well as Windows 11 users.

Now regarding Microsoft Photos, we can actually add photo/media folder addition apart from folders default available on the page users us, and if you want to add it, the steps are actually very easy, and here WinPoin summarizes the short steps.

Step 1. First, please open Microsoft Photos.

Step 2. Next, please click Folders > then click Add a folders > then select the location of the folder that you will add to Microsoft Photos.

Click Select Folder and you’re done, now the folder is available in Microsoft Photos and you can access it directly from the application.

So please try it guys, good luck and hopefully useful.


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